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Release Notes for Veeam ONE 9.0 Update 1


Release Notes for Veeam ONE 9.0 Update 1


Please confirm you are running Veeam ONE 9 prior to installing this update. You can check this under Help | About in Veeam ONE Monitor Client, the build number should be After upgrading, your version build will be

This update should be applied to the Veeam ONE server, as well as remote systems with the Veeam ONE Monitor Client.

Before you apply the update, make sure you have a full backup of Veeam ONE database.

To obtain Veeam ONE v9 Update 1, please download it here.
If you are looking for Veeam Backup & Replication v9 Update 1, please follow this link.


New Features and Enhancements

  • Tasks progress indication.  Veeam ONE Monitor Client now has an indication to visualize the progress of all extended operations.

  • Automatic tab switching for NOC views. Veeam ONE Monitor Clients now allows configuring rules for automatic tab switching between monitored objects. 

  • Enhanced Backup Inventory report. This report now shows per-VM license keys used in Veeam Backup & Replication servers. 

Resolved issues

  • Usage logging is enabled only if “Update and report on license usage automatically” is checked. 
  • When using per-VM licensing model, alarm for tracking licensed VMs number is not triggered after grace period expiration.
  • CSV read and write latency alarms are not triggered after upgrade from version 8. 
Monitor UI Veeam ONE Monitor Client 
  • vSphere client access is not available in Veeam ONE Monitor Client x64.
  • Host status is reported as "Red" when only "Yellow" warnings are present.
  • ONE Monitor Client crashes when when the Alarms tab is selected on Windows 2008/Vista computers.
  • Cannot exclude Hyper-V host which is first in the list of monitored objects.
  • Veeam ONE Monitor Client might display inaccurate number of triggered alarms on the Summary and Alarms tabs.
Monitor Server Veeam ONE Server
  • Protection status for VMs is not correct, if they are managed by SCVMM server.
  • VeeamDCS service might crash under certain circumstances.
  • Alarms are triggered for excluded objects. 
  • Veeam ONE Monitor service crashes if the database becomes unavailable during performance cache initialization.
  • Performance data collection fails for vCenter Server 5.5. update 2e.
  • Veeam ONE Monitor service suffers a deadlock during VM migration in large infrastructures.
  • The number WMI of queries for unavailable SMB shares is not limited. 
  • Host memory pressure alarm includes deleted VMs in the calculation.
  • Memory Pressure % performance counter for Hyper-V clusters is not collected
  • WAN accelerator Transferred traffic and Traffic savings counters show invalid information
  • Past performance data cannot be imported even after enabling it with a registry key.
  • Datastore latency for vVOl storages returns invalid values for unsupported device types. 
  • Advanced scalability mode settings are not applied when selecting the corresponding option during setup.
  • Heartbeat is missing for VM alarm shows false positives within 30 minutes after VM startup.
  • Monitoring of suppressed hardware sensors might be re-enabled when Veeam ONE Monitor Client UI is refreshed or user switches to a different tab right after selecting a suppress option.
Reporter UI Veeam ONE Reporter Web UI
  • Selected scope is not preserved for saved Protected VMs report.
  • Update date for predefined dashboards is not refreshed.
  • Cannot login to Reporter and Business View Web UIs with the correct user account. 
Reporter SSRS Reporting 
  • Hyper-V VM Uptime report under certain conditions does not display 100% of uptime for running VMs. 
  • VMware Custom Performance report does not show any data for “Guest Disk: Guest Disk Usage” counter
  • Unprotected VMs shows the wrong number of VMs if a cluster under SCVMM is backed up.
  • Backup Job Historical Information report under certain circumstances shows invalid data in "Successful Backup Ratio by Day (%)" column.
  • Protected VMs report times out when running in large infrastructures.
  • Scheduled inventory report cannot be exported to Excel.
  • Top Hosts Configurations diagram does not match data in All Hosts Configuration table in the VMware Infrastructure Overview report
  • VM Backup Status report might lack data for UTC +11 time zone
Reporter Server Veeam ONE Reporter 
  • Configuration data collection engine does not failover to PowerShell collection method when SCVMM WMI is not available.  
  • Data collection job ignores excluded objects. 
  • Provisioned Space value is incorrect in the Hyper-V Over-provisioned Datastores report for VMs with multiple disks on different datastores. 
  • Provisioned Space value is incorrect in the Hyper-V Datastore Capacity report for VMs with multiple disks on different datastores.
  • Provisioned Space value is incorrect in the Hyper-V Infrastructure Overview report for VMs with multiple disks on different datastores.
  • Provisioned Space value is incorrect in the Hyper-V Capacity Planning report for VMs with multiple disks on different datastores.             
Business View UI Veeam ONE Business View Web UI
  • User account with limited permissions in the vCenter Server does not see any data when logging in to Veeam Business View UI.


More information

To obtain Veeam ONE v9 Update 1, please download it here.
If you are looking for Veeam Backup & Replication 9.0 Update 1, please follow this link.
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