Service Provider Licensing

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Product: Veeam Backup & Replication;Veeam Cloud Connect
Last Modified: 2017-03-28


Starting with Veeam Backup & Replication 9.0 Update 2, there have been several changes to licensing for service providers.


Usage reporting

Veeam Backup & Replication 9.0 Update 2 introduced usage reporting by the backup server. This is considered a pilot and does not yet replace existing usage reporting processes. If using service provider rental licenses, continue to report monthly usage to your Veeam aggregator as usual.
Note that the usage reporting functionality in the product operates independently of current usage reporting processes and is not aware of monthly usage reports that you submit to your Veeam aggregator. Thus, you might see messages about submitting your monthly usage report in the product UI even after you’ve submitted your monthly usage report to your Veeam aggregator.

Although it does not replace monthly usage reporting to your Veeam aggregator, we encourage you to submit usage reports from your backup servers (or Enterprise Manager server, if present) and provide feedback on the experience. Usage reporting by the backup server is enabled by selecting the "Update license key automatically" check box in the License Information window. More information about usage reporting is available in the Administrator Guide .

Enforcement of VM counts

Veeam Backup & Replication 9.0 Update 2 also implemented enforcement of VM license counts. Previous 9.0 releases issued warnings but did not restrict usage.

To accommodate customer growth, Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam Cloud Connect allow service providers to exceed their license count for a period of time. So as you bring on new customers or your existing customers expand their use of your Veeam-powered services, you may be able to process additional VMs without having to get new license keys. (You are still responsible for reporting and paying for additional usage.)

•    Veeam Backup & Replication: You can exceed your license count by 20 percent or 20 VMs (whichever is greater). If you use service provider rental licenses, your license count is based on reported usage, and you can exceed your license count for up to 2 months. (If your reported usage increases, be sure to download a new license key from the license management portal – license auto update only updates the expiration date of the key, not the VM count.) If you use service provider perpetual licenses, your license count is based on the number of VM licenses purchased, and you can exceed your license count for up to 30 days.

•    Veeam Cloud Connect: You can exceed your license count by any number of VMs for up to 2 months.

Please note that extra capacity is available exclusively with service provider licenses. Veeam licenses for end customer use do not include this feature.

If you anticipate customer growth exceeding the extra capacity built in to your service provider license keys, please contact your Veeam representative. Be sure to plan ahead and allow at least 2 business days for a larger license key to be approved and issued.

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