Name of Backup Object, Files, or Folder Differs from Job

Veeam Backup & Replication
8.x, 9.x
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The name of the backup object listed under Backups > Disk is different from the name of the associated job. 
The name of backup files or folders is different from the name of the associated job.



When a job is renamed its associated backup object, files, and folders are not renamed. 
When a backup is mapped to a job with a different name, the backup object is renamed, but the associated files and folders are not renamed. 
If a new backup set is created, but the folder containing the original backup set is not moved, deleted, or renamed, new backup files will be stored in a folder named <job name>_1.


It is not necessary to make any changes. However, it is possible to rename the folder containing backup files, and to change the name of the backup object to match the job, if desired. 

1. Under Backups > Disk, right click the backup object with the outdated name, and select either Remove From Backups (v8) or Remove from Configuration (v9).
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2. (Optional) Rename the folder containing the backup files.
Note: Rename only the folder. Manually renaming backup files is not supported.
3. Rescan the repository where the backup files are located.
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4. If your backup files are encrypted, you will need to specify the password under Backups > Encrypted on the Backup and Replication tab. If your backup files are not encrypted, skip this step.
5. Edit the backup or backup copy job. Go to the Storage tab, click Map backup and select the existing backup chain.
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  After clicking Finish in the job settings wizard, the backup object name (in Backups > Disk) will change to match the job.


More Information

Spaces and certain other characters in job names will be replaced with underscores in file and folder names.
Some backup files are never renamed, whereas others are renamed automatically during each job session. Automatic rename can only be prevented for reverse incremental backups configured as described in KB1076.


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