Manually move backup files to a SOBR

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Products: Veeam Backup & Replication
Version: 9.x
Last Modified: 2017-02-09


Due to limitations of a SOBR with VBM file naming and size, when moving from a simple repository to a SOBR, it is best to have backup files on a SOBR when the repository for the job is moved to the SOBR.  This is due to the fact that backups can be skipped during a SOBR rescan when moving a job to a SOBR.


  1. Create a new folder IE: (If the current repository is E: Backups, created E:\Backups-temp)
  2. Move the backup files related to the job from E:\Backups to E:\Backups-temp (a move rather than copy should be very quick)
  3. Create a new simple repository in your infrastructure, pointing it to E:\Backups-temp (and allow the rescan to see the files you've moved there)
  4. Edit the job pointing to the new (temp) repository and follow standard procedures to "Map" it to its new location
  5. Once you know the job is configured with the backup data in its new (temp) location, then you can add that (temp) repository to your SOBR.
  6. The backup data should now be migrated into your SOBR and the job will be automatically updated
  7. Now place the temp repository into "Maintenance" mode
  8. Now "Evacuate" the temp repository which will automatically re-distribute your backup data
  9. Once the repository has been evacuated, you can delete the extent from the SOBR, then you can delete the simple repository

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