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Veeam ONE database calculator


The calculator will assist you in planning the deployment taking into account all major factors that impact the database size.


Veeam ONE database sizing calculator will help you calculate the expected size of databases to store historical data for one year and estimate the following deployment requirements:                                
  • Disk space required to store VMware vSphere historical data 
  • Disk space required to store Microsoft Hyper-V  historical data 
  • Disk space required to store Veeam Backup & Replication historical data"                                
Calculation results are based on the following parameters you need to provide:                                 
  • Virtual infrastructure inventory (number and configuration of objects in your virtual infrastructure)
  • Veeam Backup & Replication infrastructure inventory (number of jobs, VMs in the backup job and job schedule)"     


Download the calculator here.

To estimate disk space required for the database:                                
  1. Investigate your virtual and backup infrastructures to find out the number of hosts, clusters, virtual machines, datastores to monitor as well as their configuration parameters.                                
  2. On the Calculator worksheet in the Parameters column,  enter information about your infrastructure inventory, job schedule and number of protected VMs. Note that the green text color in cells indicates user-input values; the grey text color indicates that the values should not be changed.                                
The calculated results are available in the Results column on the Calculator worksheet. 

More information

1. The calculator provides approximate estimations. There might be some insignificant gaps between calculated results and real values.

2. In some situations you may deal with an infrastructure of a mixed type, for example if you are planning to utilize hosts with 4 HBAs and 8 HBAs. To calculate the expected size of the databases, it is recommended to run calculation twice – once for each of the host types.

3. This calculator estimates the database size for Veeam ONE 9.5, including vSphere, Hyper-V and Veeam Backup & Replication infrasructures. 
Veeam ONE
9.5 and later
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