Veeam Availability Console 2.0 Cumulative Hotfix 1376

KB ID: 2418
Product: Veeam Availability Console;Veeam Availability Console for the Enterprise
Version: 2.0
Last Modified: 2018-04-25


Veeam Availability Console 2.0 Cumulative Hotfix 1376


Please confirm you are running version or later prior to installing this cumulative hotfix 1376. You can check this under Windows > Programs and features. After upgrading, your build will be version

As a result of on-going R&D effort and in response to customer feedback, cumulative hotfix 1376 includes a set of bug fixes, the most significant of which are listed below:


  • Veeam Availability Console server starts using 100% of CPU resources when registering a Company (aka tenant) from the Cloud Connect server.
  • Unable to delete a company from VAC UI if a tenant has been already deleted in Veeam Cloud Connect. 
  • Optimized PowerShell queries to Veeam Cloud Connect to decrease Veeam.Backup.Satellite processes count. 

  • Under certain conditions a company owner may view failover plans that belong to a different company.

Management Agent
  • Veeam management agents show "Out-of-date" as their version status.

Backup Policy & Veeam Agent
  • Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows disappears from the Veeam Availability Console UI after applying the backup policy. 
  • Backup policies may fail to apply to computers with Scandinavian locales due to a different DateTime delimiter.
  • Under certain conditions, a backup policy may fail to delete. 

Monitoring & Alarms
  • Under certain conditions "Cloud Host Memory Quota" and "Company Cloud Host Storage Quota" alarms are not triggered after breaching the configured threshold. 
  • When defining RPO in hours in the "VM without backup" alarm, values above 24 are converted into days.
  • A failed job after a successful retry is still reported as "failed".
  • Under certain conditions, the "Computer without backup" alarm may not trigger.

Reporting & Billing
  • Re-configuring a report may result in the "An item with the same key has already been added" error message.
  • Under certain conditions, RPO is reported incorrectly in the "Protected VMs" report.
  • Total Gross may not be correctly calculated when specifying VAT for managed services.
  • Tenant Used Storage may be calculated incorrectly in invoices when VMs are backed up to Cloud Connect repository.
  • Compute Time Usage may be calculated incorrectly if the "per month" counter is specified.
  • A "Protected Computers" report may fail to generate due to the total files path field for the File-Level Backup mode exceeding the allowed maximum. By default, backup jobs contain folder names along with their location.
  • Cloud repository used storage quota may be calculated incorrectly, when the backup agent is backed up to the Veeam Cloud Connect repository.

  • Under certain conditions "UsedStorageQuota" and "UsedTrafficQuota" are reported incorrectly through RestAPI. 


Download VAC

To install the cumulative hotfix 1376:

1. Back up the VAC database.
2. Log off VAC Web UI.

3. To install the server cumulative hotfix, execute VAC.ApplicationServer.x64_2.0.1.1376.msp as administrator on the VAC server, or run this cmdlet as administrator: 
msiexec /update c:\VAC.ApplicationServer.x64_2.0.1.1376.msp /l*v C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Setup\Temp\VACApplicationServerSetup.txt
4. To install the Web UI cumulative hotfix, execute VAC.WebUI.x64_2.0.1.1376.msp as administrator on the VAC Web UI server, or run this cmdlet as administrator:
msiexec /update c:\VAC.WebUI.x64_2.0.1.1376.msp /l*v C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Setup\Temp\VACWebUISetup.txt
5. Log in to VAC Web UI.

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