Backing Up and Replicating the Veeam Server and Database: Preparation and Considerations for Recovery and Failover

Veeam Backup & Replication
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When Backing up or Replicating the Veeam Server, some considerations must be taken before beginning the operations.


Depending on the settings of the Backup and Replication jobs, the backups and/or replicas containing the Veeam Database may not be consistent with changes made to the production database since the last run of the jobs. Should recovery or failover be required, you may require Veeam Support's assistance before the servers can take over normal operations.


Preparation: The server hosting the Veeam Database should be processed in isolation from other jobs, ideally when no other data is processing. The server hosting the Veeam Database should have sufficient resources to ensure that VSS processing is fast and does not cause interruptions.

Please note that if the server hosting the Veeam Database is backed up or replicated as part of a job containing other machines, processing of these machines may be delayed until the server hosting the Veeam Database finishes processing. The server hosting the Veeam Database is not processed in parallel with other machines in order to ensure backup integrity.

On Restore or Failover: It is recommended that you rely primarily on the built in Configuration Backup as a means for backing up and recovering the Veeam Configuration. This will preserve the current state of the Veeam Database and all job and infrastructure related configurations within Veeam.

If the Configuration Backup was taken more recently than the last backup or replica, be sure to Restore from the Configuration Backup to ensure that the most recent state of the Veeam Database is used.
You may need to contact Veeam Support for assistance should you experience any difficulties when restoring from a backup or failing over to a replica of the Veeam Server/Database.

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