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Tape job does not copy source backup files and finishes with "No backup files found"/"No new files found" message


A tape job finishes with the Success status, but the backup files of a source job(s) are not copied. In the tape job statistics, you can find the "No backup files found"/"No new files found" message.


Case 1:
•   The source job is a backup copy job.
•   At the Choose Media Pool for Full Backups step of the tape job wizard, virtual full backups are scheduled to be created every day or several days in a row. 
•   At the Choose Media Pool for Incremental Backups step of the wizard, the Archive incremental backups to tape option is disabled. 
•   At the Advanced Settings step of the wizard, the Process latest full backup chain only option is enabled.

Case 2:
This case is similar to Case 1, but the backup copy job is scheduled to run less than in 12 hours. So, backup files are created two or more times a day. Also, the tape job starts during the second copy job interval of a current day. 

In the log files of the tape job, you may find the following:
[28.03.2019 08:50:09] <01> Info     [CTapeSourceBackupJob][<Job name>] Last backed up full tape storage creation time: 15/03/2019 0:00:00, backupId: 028285e1-8086-4f52-a44d-0094521b6a09, objectId: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 mediaSet: Simple
[28.03.2019 08:50:09] <01> Info     [CTapeDailySynthesizedBackupCalendarSpecifics] Only latest virtual full backup is required. Skipping older virtual full backup creation
[28.03.2019 08:50:09] <01> Info     [CTapeDailySynthesizedBackupCalendarSpecifics] Virtual full backup dates between 16/03/2019 0:00:00 and 28/03/2019 8:50:09: 28/03/2019 0:00:00
[28.03.2019 08:50:09] <01> Info     [CTapeSynStorageCandidatesFinder] Analyzing syn candidates for 28/03/2019 0:00:00 to Simple mediaset
[28.03.2019 08:50:09] <01> Info     [CTapeSourceBackupJob] Vbk in tape creation time 05/03/2019 0:00:00, but in repository creation time is 09/03/2019 0:00:00. Supposed vbk '<File name>.vbk' was transformed
[28.03.2019 08:50:09] <01> Info     [CTapeSynDateAnalyzeResult] Full point was found. Details: Synthesized full backup was not created for 28/03/2019 because there is no VBK map for this date
[28.03.2019 08:50:09] <01> Info     [CTapeSynStorageCandidatesFinder] completed
[28.03.2019 08:50:09] <01> Info         [CTapeSynStorageCandidatesFinder] Found candidates:<Empty>
[28.03.2019 08:50:09] <01> Info     [CTapeSynStorageCandidatesFinder] Build virtual full storages for object: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 is completed: 0,1064889 sec
[28.03.2019 08:50:09] <01> Info             [CTapeStorageFilterParams] Skip increment according settings: <File name>.vib:d6131d07-ef49-4bff-801f-0768fd894326:11/03/2019 22:45:10:11/03/2019 0:00:00:KbBlockSize1024:512
[28.03.2019 08:50:09] <01> Info             [CTapeStorageFilterParams] Skip increment according settings: <File name>.vib:36fc42d7-4c6b-4a41-bf83-1e5ff627e0f2:12/03/2019 22:39:30:12/03/2019 0:00:00:KbBlockSize1024:512
[28.03.2019 08:50:09] <01> Info             [CTapeStorageFilterParams] Skip full according settings: <File name>.vbk:e50cea1b-e22b-4433-85f9-31ffe8dc2611:28/03/2019 2:36:23:09/03/2019 0:00:00:KbBlockSize1024:512
[28.03.2019 08:50:09] <01> Info             [CTapeStorageFilterParams] Skip increment according settings: <File name>.vib:ae314a8c-ac10-42e3-8aeb-3e4e3dec942b:27/03/2019 2:21:54:27/03/2019 0:00:00:KbBlockSize1024:512



1.    If you are running Veeam Backup & Replication you need to download private fix for Update 4a. If you are running Veeam Backup & Replication if you need to download private fix for Update 4b.  
2.    Make sure that no jobs are running, close the console, and stop all Veeam services.
3.    In C:\Program Files\Veeam\Backup & Replication\Backup folder, rename Veeam.Backup.Core.dll to Veeam.Backup.Core_old.dll.
4.    Unpack the hot-fix archive in the folder.
5.    Start Veeam services.
6.    Run the tape job.

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MD5: fc32117a8d176aec8d45d4be4e981881
SHA1: 2a046848cf99187a07168c31ed36c8847f7a6f1e


MD5: 121ee4cfeb1b6b8dfbc7791eed50dc9d
SHA1: b03508b641acefccbbed309e2d43b1d27aace1bf

Should you have any questions, contact Veeam Support.
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