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Veeam Availability Console v3 Patch 4 (build 2795)

KB ID: 3036
Product: Veeam Service Provider Console
Version: 3.x
Published: 2020-01-23
Last Modified: 2020-08-13


Veeam Availability Console v3 Patch 4 (build 2795).

This update supersedes Veeam Availability Console v3 Patch 3 (build 2762).


Please confirm you are running version or later prior to installing this Patch 4. You can check this under Windows > Programs and features. After upgrading, your build will be version

As a result of ongoing R&D effort and in response to customer feedback, this Patch 4 includes a set of bug fixes, the most significant of which are listed below:

What’s New:

  • Veeam Backup & Replication v10 compatibility support
  • Veeam Cloud Connect v10 compatibility support

New fixes:

  • Usage report is not collected from the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager (EM) unless the report is manually approved in the EM.
Role-Based Access Control
  • Operators cannot edit or change a cloud repository for a sub-tenant.
  • Operators cannot log in to the portal when using local user accounts in Windows. 
Backup Agent
  • Under certain conditions, information about available restore points cannot be collected from the backup agent. 
Management Agent
  • Management agent service fails to start when the computer or Cloud Connect server is renamed.
Discovery Rule
  • Under certain conditions, physical computers are reported as hosted in a cloud.
  • Under certain conditions, the alarm assignment is reset to the default scope for a reseller account.
  • Under certain conditions, the “Computer without backup” alarm triggers a false-positive alert.
  • Backup copy job state reports only on the previous job run, not the latest one.
ConnectWise Manage
  • The number of managed VMs is reported incorrectly for the socket-based license keys.
  • Under certain conditions, tickets triggered by Veeam Availability Console alarms are duplicated in the ConnectWise Manage application.
  • $top and $skip filters cannot be applied when using the “GET /v2/backupAgents” endpoint.
Veeam Availability Console for the Enterprise
  • Cloud Connect server with a merged perpetual license key cannot be added to Veeam Availability Console.

Fixes included from previous patches:

  • “/v2/tenants” get request does not display the “deleted” status for removed companies. 
  • Querying “v2/tenants/{id}” and “/v2/tenants/{id}/backupResources” information may take considerable amount of time. 
  • A backup policy cannot be created if there are “space” symbols in the encryption hint. 
  • A backup policy cannot be created when “processingEnabled” parameter is set to True, and “Credentials” parameter is used.
  • Querying tenant information with SetLinks parameter may take considerable time.
  • The vMsBackudUpToCloud counter does not display data about VM and Agent backup copy jobs targeted to a cloud repository.  
  • After applying a backup policy to a managed Agent, job scheduling settings are displayed incorrectly in the VAC UI, but the settings pushed to the Agent are correct. 
  • Site administrators can select Public IP Addresses belonging to a different site when creating a company. 
  • Under certain conditions, “Used Storage” counter may display incorrect data on the “Overview” tab.
  • Cloud Copies counter on the Overview dashboard does not return any data.
  • Backup agents managed by Veeam Backup & Replication report 0 restore points available in the backup policy drill down view. 
Management Agent 
  • Management agent installed on a Cloud Connect server is incorrectly displayed on the Backup Agents tab. 
  • Under certain conditions management agent restarts every hour. 
  • Under certain conditions, management agents fail to upgrade with the following error message “The system cannot find the file specified.”
  • Network Extension IP addresses are not filtered by a reseller. Reseller can select IP addresses belonging to unmanaged companies. 
  • Reseller can change his or her backup quota to “unlimited” when creating a managed company with “unlimited” quota.
ConnectWise Manage Plugin 
  • Only the first 10 000 products are displayed in the mapping area of the plugin. 
  • Plugin services may consume excessive memory when there are a lot of tickets created in the ConnectWise Manage application.
  • Cloud repository usage is not updated in ConnectWise Manage agreements when there are unknown files (not related to Veeam backups) in the repository. 
  • Tickets state synchronization may stop working when triggering a mass-resolve operation in the ConnectWise Manage application. 
Discovery Rule 
  • Platform type cannot be detected for old computers and is reported as “Other.”
  • Inaccessible computers cannot be located when using CSV and IP discovery rule options.
  • Under certain conditions after installing a private hotfix Veeam.MBP.Service fails to connect to the existing database with the following error message ”Cannot change configuration database: Database version is invalid.” 
  • Veeam.MBP.Service fails to start when managed backup agents have duplicate IDs (due to cloning operation) in the configuration database.
  • Under certain conditions, Veeam.MBP.Service might be consuming excessive memory.
  • Under certain conditions, data collection job fails to retrieve information from a Cloud Connect server that has lots of task sessions on cloud gateway servers. This results in displaying these tenants’ companies as deleted in the Veeam Availability Console UI.
  • Tenant password changed in Veeam Cloud Connect is not synchronized with Veeam Availability Console.
  • “VM without backup” alarm is triggered for VMs that are migrated between vCenter Servers or are re-registered in the virtual infrastructure.
vCloud Director 
  • Under certain conditions, the management agent may connect to VAC server without authentication.
Backup Reporting 
  • Computer renaming leads to duplicated values in the Protected Computers report.
Usage Reporting 
  • Under certain conditions, usage report for managed Veeam Backup & Replication servers may not be created within first ten days of a month.
  • Workstation and server backup counters in the Veeam Cloud Connect usage report are mixed up.
  • Under certain conditions License usage report for Veeam Backup & Replication servers is not generated. 


  • Portal administrators can log in only when using a full domain name of the Veeam Availability Console server. 
  • Users belonging to a domain user group which is added to a Veeam Availability Console security group cannot log in to the portal.
  • Users belonging to a nested domain group cannot log in to the portal.
  • Office 365 and Gmail SMTP servers are not supported for notifications.  
Backup Agent
  • Full Access UI mode cannot be applied to a backup agent.  
  • When using Select All checkbox on the Managed Backup Agents tab agent settings are applied to all computers of all managed companies regardless of the selected scope in the Company\Reseller filter.  
  • Licensing attribute is not updated for managed backup agents which leads to license expiration on the backup agent.    
  • Backup agent files are not validated when the installation is performed from a local folder without using a master management agent. This may result in a corrupted installation/upgrade of the backup agent. 
Billing and invoices
  • Under certain conditions, all VMs with a cloud copy which belong to different locations are reported as VMs from the default location in the invoice.


To install the Patch 4:

1. Back up the VAC database.
2. Log off VAC Web UI.
3. Execute VAC.ApplicationServer.x64_3.0.0.2795.msp as administrator on the VAC server, or run this cmdlet as administrator: 
msiexec /update c:\VAC.ApplicationServer.x64_3.0.0.2795.msp /l*v C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Setup\Temp\VACApplicationServerSetup.txt
4. Execute VAC.WebUI.x64_3.0.0.2795.msp as administrator on the VAC UI (IIS) server, or run this cmdlet as administrator: 
msiexec /update c:\VAC.WebUI.x64_3.0.0.2795.msp /l*v C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Setup\Temp\VACWebUI.txt
5. Execute VAC.ConnectorService.x64_1.0.1.616.msp  as administrator on the VAC server, or run this cmdlet as administrator: 
msiexec /update c:\VAC.ConnectorService.x64_1.0.1.616.msp /l*v C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Setup\Temp\ConnectorService.txt
6. Execute VAC.ConnectorWebUI.x64_1.0.1.616.msp as administrator on the VAC UI (IIS) server, or run this cmdlet as administrator: 
msiexec /update c:\VAC.ConnectorWebUI.x64_1.0.1.616.msp /l*v C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Setup\Temp\ConnectorWebUI.txt
7. Log in to VAC Web UI.

More information


MD5 for kb3036.zip: 4c59b4b76768575c466204802f0e7b33
SHA-1 for kb3036.zip: 9b30d48bd093ff6a32d1049dae5610f663825fbd

Should you have any questions, contact Veeam Support.
KB ID: 3036
Product: Veeam Service Provider Console
Version: 3.x
Published: 2020-01-23
Last Modified: 2020-08-13

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