Potential data loss during Export Backup retention processing

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In the environments using scale-out backup repository, Export Backup retention logic may delete the entire repository folder, if the required exported backup file has already been deleted manually (prior to its set retention policy expiration). This issue affects Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4 or later.


Data lost happens in the following scenario:
1. You're using a scale-out backup repository (SOBR).
2. You created at least one backup using Export Backup functionality with the automated retention setting enabled (non-default setting).
3. You deleted the exported backup file manually prior to its retention policy expiration.

In the above scenario, upon reaching the retention policy for the already deleted backup file, and after failing to find the required file, the daily run of the exported backups retention job will erroneously delete the entire repository folder on one of the SOBR Performance Tier extents.

Note: Some supported repository types, for example Windows-based repositories and SMB shares, have safeguards in place which will restrict the entire repository folder deletion. SOBR made entirely of such extents are thus not impacted by this issue. [UPDATE] After testing all supported backup repository types, only SOBR that includes Linux-based or ExaGrid-based extents was found to be affected by the issue.


1.    Download the patch and extract ZIP file to your backup server.
2.    Check the current version of Veeam Backup & Replication. It must be (Update 4b).
3.    Make sure that no jobs are running and close the console.
4.    Right-click on the installation file and click "Run as administrator"
5.    Go through the setup wizard to deploy the patch.

More Information

[[DOWNLOAD|DOWNLOAD HOTFIX|https://www.veeam.com/download_add_packs/vmware-esx-backup/kb3039]]

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