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Support statement for cloud storage gateway software

KB ID: 3069
Product: Veeam Backup & Replication
Version: 9.5 Update 4
Published: 2019-12-17
Last Modified: 2020-08-13


Using cloud storage gateway software like Tiger Bridge to copy backup data to cloud storage providers like and/or to reclaim disk space belonging to copied backups from the primary backup repository based on certain thresholds.  


Veeam Backup & Replication architecture and interaction with its backup files requires that all backup file's data remains in the backup repository, and does not support external data movers that offload some or all of backup file's data to another storage, including object storage.

Veeam recommends using native Veeam Backup & Replication functionality for offloading backup files to object storage, which operates in a significantly different manner:

1. It preserves certain essential parts of offloaded backup files' data in the primary backup repository permanently.

2. It passes the awareness of offloaded data blocks to various product functions, which then treat such data blocks in a special manner to ensure reliable operations, acceptable levels of performance, and reduced storage/ingress/egress costs.


Veeam Customer Support will not support environments where some or all of backup files' data is being offloaded to another storage with 3rd party solutions. For additional information, please refer to the User Guide.

Veeam Customer Support is unable to assist with failed restores from copies of backups made by 3rd party solutions, because Veeam cannot guarantee that the backup files' data was correctly managed by the 3rd party application, and is consistent. This is especially true with object storage, which often provides "eventual consistency" only. 
KB ID: 3069
Product: Veeam Backup & Replication
Version: 9.5 Update 4
Published: 2019-12-17
Last Modified: 2020-08-13

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