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How to manually collect recovery media logs for Veeam Agent for Linux


You cannot collect recovery media logs for Veeam Agent for Linux from the repository. In such case, you still can collect recovery media logs manually from the Veeam Agent computer.


If the bare-metal restore is not completed, the recovery media does not export logs to the repository. As a result, the logs must be gathered from the recovery media manually.


  1. Boot the recovery media.
  2. Configure the network settings.
  3. In the recovery media menu, select Switch to command line.
  4. Run the cd /tmp command.
  5. Run the veeamconfig grablogs (for Veeam Recovery Media version 4.0 or later) or veeamconfig config grablogs (for Veeam Recovery Media versions up to 3.0.2) command to create the veeam_logs_<date>_<time>.tar.gz archive in /tmp directory.
  6. Run the tar -zcvf VeeamRecoveryMediaLogs.tar.gz /var/log command.
  7. Run the /etc/init.d/sshd start command.
  8. Run the passwd command and enter a temporary password for accessing the recovery media.
  9. Run the ip a command to determine the recovery media ip address.
  10. Connect to the recovery media from another machine using the SCP protocol through a program such as WinSCP or FileZilla. Use the root account with password from step 8 and the information gathered from steps 5 (/tmp/veeam_logs_<date>_<time>.tar.gz) and 6 (/tmp/VeeamRecoveryMediaLogs.tar.gz). (The log bundle will be in /tmp).

More information

The recovery media is not persistent across reboots. Rebooting resets all the settings and changes made in the steps above.  

The recovery media version can be determined by running the veeamconfig -v command from the shell after step 3.

If the restore process is completed (regardless of the result), Recovery Media logs are automatically exported to the location of backup files.

Veeam Agent for Linux
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