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Monitoring & analytics for your entire IT environment

Veeam® ONE™, integrates seamlessly into your entire IT environment — providing complete visibility into virtual and Veeam-protected cloud and physical workloads. It provides monitoring, reporting and intelligent tools to help your business with the automation and control you need to maintain Availability by protecting against potential problems before operational impact.

Management & Reporting

24x7 performance monitoring and alerting

Veeam ONE helps you avoid downtime and meet SLAs with 24x7 real-time monitoring, reporting, alerting and management for backup and virtual environments. You get access to:

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Over 200 preset alarms based on best practices
  • An extensive knowledge base connected to each alarm
  • Details to help you isolate root cause and quickly resolve issues
  • Plus more!

NEW Heatmaps

Easily identify overutilization and possible weaknesses or infrastructure vulnerabilities with Veeam ONE Heatmaps, including deep visibility into backup repositories and proxies. With Heatmaps, you can:

  • Minimize downtime caused by capacity issues or backup job failures
  • Identify easy fixes that can be applied to the infrastructure to improve scheduling of backup resources and configuration of proxies and repositories
  • Save time gathering granular intelligence on each repository with detailed drill-down data on datastores, Scale-out Backup Repositories™ and extents

Performance and infrastructure assessments

Maintain a full understanding of what’s happening in your virtual environment with Infrastructure, Performance and Configuration Assessment reports. Veeam ONE provides a dedicated set of reports to ensure the configuration of your VMs is supported, VMs are processed by backup jobs, backups are running as planned and there is adequate space on storage targets to meet all known best practices. You can also get a better understanding of what’s happening in your virtual environment through performance and configuration assessments — easily identify your largest resource consumers, which hosts are the least loaded, real-time and cumulative I/O load and latency on datastores, and more!

Backup compliance reporting

Veeam ONE’s market-leading compliance reporting saves time and alleviates risk by assisting with the internal optimization and management of data, as well as external compliance. Users can leverage Veeam ONE Business View to group objects based on geographical location, and geographic-oriented reports also assist with compliance, including reports to list all data sources grouped by production location as well as the location of their copies/replicas. It even identifies data sources that have one or more copies where the location is different from the production data to help you ALWAYS remain compliant.

Veeam ONE also helps with

  • Managing Agent monitoring and reporting to save time and reduce the complexities of managing physical and cloud computer backup
  • Multi-tenant monitoring and reporting for service providers by providing complete visibility into customer resource consumption, access to chargeback and billing functionality, and more. 

Capacity Planning and Chargeback

Capacity planning

Do you think it’s possible to add three more SQL Servers and take a host down for maintenance? Let Veeam do your thinking for you. Veeam ONE helps you make confident decisions by forecasting resource usage and utilization trends for VMware, Hyper-V and backup environments with capacity planning. You can:

  • Eliminate guesswork and risky manual calculations
  • Determine when computing or storage resources will max out
  • Know when backup repositories will run out of space for configured backup jobs
  • Determine resource availability when adding new VMs, hosts, compute or storage
  • And more

Chargeback and billing

IT departments AND service providers can save time and reduce planning complexities by leveraging powerful chargeback and billing capabilities to help calculate the cost of compute and storage resources and charge departments/customers based on their usage. Reports include:

  • VM configuration chargeback
  • VM performance chargeback
  • Host configuration chargeback
  • Host resource usage chargeback

Intelligent Automation & Diagnostics

Reduce the time spent resolving common infrastructure and backup-related issues

NEW Veeam Intelligent Diagnostics

Reduce your time spent on lengthy support calls through proactive issue resolutions to common infrastructure problems with Veeam Intelligent Diagnostics. Through proactive identification and alerting of known issues within a Veeam environment, users get self-support resolutions via hotfixes and reconfigurations to minimize downtime and office productivity loss. 

NEW Remediation Actions

Increase your daily backup success by reducing the risk of downtime with self-healing Remediation Actions and controlled responses to alarms that trigger actions to common backup infrastructure and job issues. Reduce the risk of downtime by eliminating the need for manual responses to alarms by enabling automated, policy-based fixes for common problems. Set responses to the 10 most common Veeam ONE alarms to trigger automatic changes or approvals of actions. You can even automate follow-up resolutions for missed backup windows, VM snapshot sprawl and VMs running on open or active snapshots. 
Veeam ONE Intelligent Diagnostics & Remediation Actions

Additional Monitoring & Analytics capabilities

Business Views

Your workloads are diverse, and you need an easy way to organize, monitor and report on specific groups of hosts, clusters, VMs and datastores to improve performance and visibility. But how do you do it efficiently? Veeam ONE Business View categorizes workloads by creating business groups based on different parameters, including:

  • Business unit
  • Geographic location
  • Department
  • Service level
  • Server type and more

You can easily resolve issues within a group by assigning administrators to manage specific parameters and leverage VMware tags based on CPU, memory and location to minimize risks and assist with Role-Based Access Control, as well as eliminate human error, and even tag sensitive data by location to meet compliance requirements, such as GDPR.

Raw data analysis and advanced report customization

When you need raw data, Veeam ONE has it. Easily access raw performance data and custom infrastructure reports for vSphere and Hyper-V, including CPU, memory, network and disk metrics. You can also define your own configuration parameters, performance metrics and filters, providing maximum flexibility, and wrap it all up in one report with Veeam ONE’s Custom Report Builder by pulling data from any field inside any existing report into one document!

Change tracking and auditing

With Veeam ONE’s automated backup and VMware change tracking, you can keep a tight grip on who is altering configurations or adding new objects to your backup and virtual infrastructures through forensic analysis. With a whole team managing changes, one bad change can negatively impact the performance of VMs, backup jobs and even the hypervisor. 

Identify EVERY unprotected VM and agent

Is your entire environment completely protected? Veeam ONE helps you reduce downtime and data loss by determining which VMs and machines are protected and which are not! Veeam ONE groups all unprotected VMs together and Veeam ONE’s agent reporting IDs the number and type of physical machines and servers protected, including backup state, warnings and failures, and the reason why each agent is unprotected!