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NEW Veeam ONE and Veeam ONE Free edition 9.5

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Complete visibility for Veeam Backup & Replication

Veeam® ONE™ integrates seamlessly with Veeam Backup & Replication™ to provide advanced monitoring, reporting and capacity planning capabilities designed to help you protect your virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads.

What’s new in Veeam ONE 9.5:

  • Agent monitoring and reporting for physical servers and endpointsNEW
  • Backup compliance reportingNEW
  • Chargeback and billing capabilities for virtual and backup infrastructures
  • Advanced deployment scenarios for enterprises
  • Support for Microsoft Hyper-V 2016
  • Additional backup report pack customizations

And more:

  • Performance and configuration assessment for Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Capacity planning for Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Enhanced multi-tenant monitoring and reporting
  • Reporting on over-sized/under-sized VMs and idle (zombie) VMs

24x7 performance monitoring and alerting

Infrastructure Assessment: Hyper-V, VMware, agent-based workloads and Veeam Backup & Replication

Veeam ONE provides real-time, unattended 24x7 performance monitoring of your backup, virtual and physical infrastructures, designed to notify you of issues before applications and users are negatively impacted. Monitoring tool functionality includes:

  • Real-time dashboards with drill-down views in one click
  • More than 200 preset alarms based on best practices
  • Extensive knowledge base connected to each alarm
  • Detailed information to help you isolate root cause and quickly resolve issues
  • Specific alarm dashboards designed to reduce discovery and troubleshooting times
  • Dashboards for backup infrastructure performance and trends
  • Dashboards for top consumers by any resource

You can also customize dashboards to match your specific needs. For example, you can get granular and monitor the performance, alerts, backup status and top VM from a specific cluster or business unit.

Performance and Configuration Assessment

Do you really know what’s happening in your VMware or Hyper-V environment at any given time? Can it properly handle load peaks? With the right monitoring tool, you can keep track of resource allocation and consumption, which is critical for maintaining the Availability of IT services. Veeam ONE helps you with performance and configuration assessment, so you can identify:

  • Largest resource consumers and which hosts are the least loaded
  • Real-time and cumulative I/O load and latency on datastores
  • If datastore latency and IOPs can allow for increased backup load
  • Resource consumption data for hosts, clusters, resource pools and datastores
  • VMs that cannot be protected because of unsupported configurations (e.g., VMs with pRDM or independent disks in VMware Storage), overcommitment and more!

Chargeback and billing for virtual and backup infrastructures

For IT departments and service providers

Enterprises and service providers can leverage powerful chargeback and billing capabilities to help calculate the cost of compute and storage resources within their organizations or service offerings and charge individual departments or customers based on their resource usage. Reports include:

  • VM Configuration Chargeback: Identify the most expensive VMs in your infrastructure and charge departments / clients based on their VM configuration.
  • VM Performance Chargeback: Charge departments/clients based on their actual resource usage (i.e., compute and storage) and identify the most expensive resources and VMs within an infrastructure.
  • Host Configuration Chargeback: Set the known price of a host and storage to calculate the price for VM configuration and then charge departments / clients based on the price of each VM on the host, including breakdowns of CPU, memory and consumed storage.
  • Host Resource Usage Chargeback: Set prices for the host and storage (optionally) and then calculate the price of each VM based on the actual CPU, memory and storage usage of the host.

Backup infrastructure monitoring and reporting for virtual and physical machines

Availability depends on backup infrastructure health and performance. Veeam ONE provides a dedicated set of assessment reports to ensure the configuration of all of your VMs and agents is supported, VMs are processed by backup jobs, backups are running as planned and there is adequate space on your storage target to support your retention policy. Special assessment reports ensure that your Veeam Backup & Replication installation meets all known best practices. Some of the backup reporting includes:

  • Backup Infrastructure Assessment
  • Agent reporting that identifies protected versus unprotected physical agents, including data on the number and types of agents protected, backup state with number of successes, warnings and failures, and reasons why agents are unprotected
  • Veeam Backup & Replication data collection mode only: Enhances scalability by allowing users to dramatically reduce loads on the virtual infrastructure by not collecting virtual infrastructure performance metrics
  • Performance and bandwidth savings from Veeam’s built-in WAN acceleration
  • Audit operator restore activity
  • Status of backup and replication jobs
  • Unprotected VMs that are not covered by any backup jobs
  • Change tracking for backup job configuration 
  • And 20 other reports!

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Capacity planning for VMware, Hyper-V and Backup

Using historical data, Veeam ONE provides performance forecasting and capacity planning for your VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and backup infrastructures. You can forecast resource usage and utilization trends with what-if modeling and resource overcommit tracking for your backup and virtual infrastructures.

Is it possible to add three more SQL Servers and take two hosts down for maintenance? Based on forecasted data, Veeam ONE takes the guesswork out of capacity planning. Now, you can manage several deployment projects, plan hardware upgrades and server downtime, and have confidence that your environment can handle it. With Veeam ONE, you can:

  • See when computing or storage resources will max out based on consumption trends
  • Know when backup repositories will run out of space for the configured backup jobs
  • Emulate resources' Availability when adding new VMs, hosts, compute or storage resources
  • Plan heterogeneous expansion and changes across VMware and Hyper-V together
  • Take into account several capacity planning projects and make reservations
  • Eliminate guesswork as well as Excel-based and manual calculations

For service providers: enhanced monitoring and reporting

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Veeam Cloud & Service Providers partners (VCSPs) can leverage multi-tenant reporting and configuration to provide complete visibility into the resource consumption of each customer’s environment:

  • Chargeback for virtual infrastructures
  • Provide a billing structure for Backup as a Service (BaaS) clients
  • Get reporting and monitoring for vCloud Director infrastructure and context
  • Enhance your service offering by providing self-service monitoring and reporting to customers (tenants)
  • Leverage SSO and local vSphere / vCD users to provide performance data

Veeam ONE helps MSPs work smarter not harder and responsibly safeguard tenant data by eliminating manual report functions that can sometimes result in accidental data exposure.

Raw data analysis and advanced report customization

Sometimes you just need the raw data for your analysis. With Veeam ONE, you can easily access raw performance data and custom infrastructure reports for vSphere and Hyper-V, including specific CPU, memory, network and disk metrics.

The Veeam ONE monitoring tool allows you to define your own configuration parameters, performance metrics and filters, providing maximum flexibility. And for easy report generation, Veeam ONE’s Custom Report Builder allows you to pull data from any field inside any existing report into one, all-inclusive document, providing the complete visibility you need.

Custom report on repository space usage
Custom report on repository space usage

Change tracking and auditing

With many moving parts and an entire team managing your backup and virtual infrastructure, you need a tool for tight control on who is altering configurations or adding new objects. Changes are dynamic and ultimately impact the performance of VMs, backup jobs and the hypervisor itself.

Veeam ONE provides automated backup and VMware change tracking to make change auditing and forensic analysis totally transparent.

Business and technical views of your infrastructure

Veeam ONE enables both technical- and business-oriented views of the virtual infrastructure. You can monitor and report on dynamically built groups of hosts, clusters, virtual machines and datastores categorized by:

  • Business unit
  • Geographic location
  • Department
  • Service level
  • Server type
  • Any other defined criteria
Categorizing VMs by department
Categorizing VMs by department

Backup Compliance ReportingNEW

Veeam ONE’s Backup Compliance Reporting helps save users time and relieve risk by providing market-leading backup compliance reporting to assist with internal optimization and management of data, as well as external compliance. Veeam ONE Business View includes a pre-defined “Geolocation” category that groups objects based on geographical location. Geographic-oriented reports also assist with compliance including a Geolocation of Data Protection Report to list all data sources grouped by production location and the location of their copies and/or replicas, and a Data Geolocation Mismatch Report to list all data sources that have one or more copies where the location is different from the production data.

Identify EVERY unprotected VM and agent

Are your virtual machines, PCs and physical servers completely protected? Veeam ONE helps you reduce the risk of downtime and data loss.  Veeam ONE helps you easily determine which VMs and physical machines are protected and which are not. This provides users valuable time to ensure all critical VMs, physical servers and endpoints are properly backed up and available. Unprotected VMs are identified and categorized by a specially-designed backup business group, and Veeam ONE’s agent management reporting identifies the number and types of physical machines and servers protected, backup state with total number of successes, warnings, and failures, and reasons why agents are unprotected.

Gain business views of your virtual environment and control VM sprawl

The Veeam ONE tool offers an automated, flexible and dynamic way to categorize and group your clusters, hosts, VMs and datastores by criteria such as business unit, department, purpose and SLA. With Veeam ONE business categorization, you can view and manage your virtual infrastructure based on your organization’s needs and priorities. You can also monitor and report on resource utilization for logical groups of objects and see which objects don’t conform to your categorization criteria, giving you an easy way to detect VM sprawl.

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