12 (More) Reasons Why Veeam Keeps Your Business Running

Product launches are good but keeping your business running is better. As Veeam’s CTO, I love to see the incredible work that our global quality assurance, product development and product management teams put forth to bring innovation to market. It’s the innovation that drives everything we do here at Veeam. Today’s V12 Launch Event isn’t just an illustrated “what’s new” of the release, but instead, we are drawing the line on how technology will keep business running. This is backed by key customer and partner perspectives, solid demos and an incredible perspective from Anton Gostev on how we got here.

Innovation is personal to me. Individually, I always push myself and my teams to innovate and grow; I’d expect nothing less from our products. While the market is always hungry for the next release from Veeam, today we are aligned around Veeam Data Platform delivering more innovation to keep businesses running. Veeam’s been keeping the lights on for organizations around the world for over 16 years. The heart of Veeam Data Platform is secure backup and fast recovery, it’s what Veeam is known for. Today the platform story is more real and relevant than ever.

Here are 12 reasons Veeam keeps your business running:

1. Data Security: there are more threats to data than ever, so this is naturally top of mind. Ransomware is relentless, so your protection needs to be prepared. More immutability in more places with Veeam has been delivered in V12, this is exactly what our customers and partners are asking for.

2. Data Recovery: our customers have been consistent about the essential need of the data protection industry — proven reliable data recovery. We are continuing to deliver high-speed recovery techniques that are common across Veeam Data Platform. Being able to successfully recover is what business resiliency is all about.

3. Data Freedom: This is truly unique with Veeam, and especially if you need to move data around to different platforms. Veeam backups have absolute portability and freedom of choice across different clouds, hypervisors, physical platforms, storage systems and more. Veeam delivers the power of choice.

These three are the foundational principles of Veeam Data Platform.

4. Object storage innovations: V12 has truly elevated the object storage conversation. Our customers and partners have wanted backups to land first on object storage (on-premises or via a cloud provider). We are happy to deliver this and innovate it with the Smart Object Storage API for object storage partners as well for increased performance and availability. This is in addition to the over 30 immutable object storage offerings in the market from Veeam partners!

5. Secure access: V12 brings multi-factor authentication to the Veeam server to provide an additional layer of protection. This implementation doesn’t require Internet access, which is an additional secure step. This has been requested by customers and partners as well; we are happy to bring this to the V12 release.

6. Instant recovery: Veeam pioneered instant recovery in 2010 and made it mainstream in the market. The latest innovation in V12 brings instant recovery to file shares with the ability to have file shares to migrated to production file storage seamlessly.

7. Proactive analytics and monitoring: The V12 release has more than just the backups to be proud of but watching what goes on in the environment is incredibly valuable. Whether it is the new best practices analyzer, automated remediation actions or all of the Veeam Intelligent Diagnostics improvements for V12, Veeam has the capabilities in play to have your environment functioning at its finest.

8. Proven recovery orchestration: Over the years, the orchestration story with Veeam has continually added new workloads and capabilities. Orchestration is now mainstream with Veeam Data Platform. New disaster recovery (DR) capabilities with clean DR to ensure clean restores, cloud DR to restore to Azure (and more over time) and Agent DR for physical workloads. This will make the difference.

9. Secure backup: The V12 capabilities play off each other in many scenarios, but one of our favorites is the Veeam Hardened Repository. This is a great way with no additional Veeam cost and very easy barrier of entry to have immutable backup files on a Linux file system. V12 makes it easier than ever to have a secure backup on Linux (and there’s so much more to say around our Linux journey!).

10. Day 2 operations are easier than ever: Any enterprise technology deployment will change over time. V12 makes the ongoing administrative usage of Veeam much easier as plans change. We get it. Data moves, policies change, systems are reclassified to different service level agreements (SLAs). These tasks are easier with V12.

11. Multi-cloud mobility: The cloud is integral in V12 as well as our broader product strategy. AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and the tens of thousands of Veeam Cloud Service Providers (VCSPs) are there to deliver the cloud services needed. To the cloud, from the cloud, within the cloud — Veeam is in every part of the cloud conversation. This includes the native Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. Freedom of choice also in the cloud.

12. Native APIs, automation-friendly and automation-ready: V12 builds on Veeam’s established presence of products that are versatile in their deployment and ready for virtually any automation framework.

The list can go on and on, but these are 12 reasons that Veeam keeps your business running. The V12 Launch Event will provide an overview of Veeam Data Platform (be sure to watch the replay here) but that is just the start.

If you are wanting to keep your business running in a better way, I encourage you to download a trial of Veeam. We want you to try it out, we make it very easy to do so and are confident that you’ll be able to own, control and protect your data in any cloud. Over one million installations can’t be wrong. Veeam is here to keep your business running.

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