The AWS Shared Responsibility Model

It goes without saying that adoption of AWS – specifically for running production workloads – continues to build with unprecedented momentum. Some of you may refer to this acceleration within your organization as “cloud-first,” and you’re all likely somewhere along this journey. From the early stages of planning and experimenting, to deploying new apps and migrating your on-prem data centers as fast as humanly possible. And why not? It can be relatively easy to make the cloud work for you, helping transform the business for the better, from costs to competitive advantage and more. Read more
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Sam Nicholls

Principal, Product Marketing

Are you prepared when ransomware does happen?

Knowing all the options to help protect your environment is great but it’s time to put the pieces together. The question you should be asking is not "If it will happen?" but "Are you prepared when it does happen?" Are you waiting for ransomware to activate in your environment or are you taking steps to mitigate damage before it happens? This article will help you take the steps today to answer those questions and what tools we offer to make this possible. Read more
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Karinne Bessette

Technologist, Product Strategy

3 storage options against ransomware

Everyday ransomware finds a new way to slip into an environment, from clicking on the wrong site to a compromised set of credentials. This leaves the very real feeling that you already are or will be infected. But there are ways to make it easier to sleep at night by implementing what we call the impenetrables – the form factors that are resilient ransomware. Veeam offers three ways to protect your data from even the nastiest ransomware attack. Let’s see how they can help give you peace of mind in the face of disaster. Read more
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Karinne Bessette

Technologist, Product Strategy

The Power of Veeam Intelligent Diagnostics

In Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4, we released a feature called Veeam Intelligent Diagnostics. In Veeam Availability Suite v10, we enhanced VID by adding the ability to find potential issues with proxies and backup repositories in addition to Veeam Backup & Replication servers. Let’s take a look at how VID reduces risk in your Veeam environment and keeps it always ready to protect or restore your data. Read more
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Melissa Palmer

Team Lead/Senior Technologist, Product Strategy

First step to protecting your backups from ransomware

Here is something you don’t always think about — protecting your Veeam Backup & Replication console. But even the server backing up your environment needs to be protected from attacks like ransomware and people with the best or malicious intent. This article will discuss some simple ways to lock down your Veeam server to help protect it from internal and external forces. Read more
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Karinne Bessette

Technologist, Product Strategy

v10: The next iteration of Veeam Cloud Tier

With the release of Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4 in 2019, we introduced the Veeam Cloud Tier which enabled customers to take advantage of Object Storage. Due to its increasing popularity, infinite scale-out capacity and lower cost for long term retention, Object Storage offers many advantages over traditional block and file-based storage systems. We have witnessed an overwhelming adoption of Object Storage despite the fact that in Update 4, the Cloud Tier was only capable of offloading older data to help to reduce the costs of long-term archival. And now v10 brings more! Read more
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Anthony Spiteri

Senior Technologist, Product Strategy

The Office 365 Shared Responsibility Model

The No. 1 question we get all the time: “Why do I need to back up my Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business data?”

And it’s normally instantaneously followed up with a statement similar to this: “Microsoft takes care of it.”

Do they? Are you sure?

Read more
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Russ Kerscher

Director, Product Marketing

Identifying potential ransomware activity with Veeam ONE

From time to time, I'd like to highlight certain Veeam ONE features you can leverage to be proactive when it comes to identifying threats that could significantly impact the integrity of your data. In particular, one of the most common threats that is the catalyst for many sleepless nights of datacenter professionals today ― ransomware. Read more
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Kirsten Stoner

Technical Analyst, Product Strategy