First look at the Project Honolulu

In the past, we had to deal with remote server administration through cumbersome Microsoft Management Console (MMC) based tools, Server Manager, PowerShell remoting, along with various other methods. This has been a real pain point for Windows and especially Hyper-V Administrators. Over the years, VMware has been long ahead of the game with HTML management capabilities of their hypervisor. Until now… I would like to introduce Microsoft’s brand-new Project Honolulu and HTML tool to replace Server Manager. Read more

3 Hyper-V management best practices

Hey, Veeam fans! Welcome to my blog post series on Hyper-V Management. Today we will look at Hyper-V administration best practices. Now, whenever I am talking with customers and attendees at conferences, best practices are always some of the most popular topics. So, in this blog post, I will give you three of my favorite best practices for Hyper-V administration. Read more