imageWhen version 6 of Veeam Backup & Replication was released, there were scores of new and improved features! In fact, I had a blog post last year enumerating 72 of them! We are now on version 6.1, and while the features keep rolling in, an astute user pointed something out to me at a recent Veeam User Group Meeting in Chicago related to proxy configuration for both backup and replication jobs.

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  • Gustavo Ossandon


    proxy is a great thing …
    proxy processes Info and compress it to send it to Repositories ….
    the automatic parts is great …
    have 700 VMs and 12 hosts snd it is doing a fine job …
    we create a rule to keep all proxys in separate Hosts … to avoid overcharging CPU and Ram and Network….

    what it could be REALLY nice is to have is a “Prefferent” Proxy Repository relationship rule …. that way we can tail a Repo to a proxy with a DRS rule and avoid a huge ammount of horizontal trafic in the cluster

    what do you think …. ???

  • Preferred would be a good idea, but we want the logic to be quick and concise for selection.