Cisco chooses Veeam as its first and only Intelligent Data Management partner

What got you here, won’t get you there” is a saying that’s especially true when it comes to the IT industry. Vendors today need to continually innovate their offerings to keep pace with customer demand. This is more important than ever in the data management industry, and when it comes to innovation, Veeam has always been at the forefront. Today, we are taking this idea one step further.

Cisco has chosen Veeam to deliver a new approach for the Modern Data Center, Veeam Availability Solution on Cisco HyperFlex. This announcement means customers can now run Veeam’s Intelligent Data Management platform on a completely hyperconverged solution, simplifying their deployments and reducing the resources needed to manage them. Cisco HyperFlex provides a platform that delivers seamless scalability, ease of management and multi-cloud support.

Available through Cisco and providing support for the entire solution stack, customers can deploy with confidence and peace of mind. I’m excited Cisco and Veeam both share the goal of helping our customers gain control of their data across all clouds, and that customers can now leverage their existing Cisco procurement relationships. This announcement also makes Veeam the first and only Intelligent Data Management solution to partner with Cisco on HyperFlex as a secondary storage target.

The scale and complexity of managing the hyper-growth and hyper-sprawl of enterprise data today, especially across multi-cloud environments, requires a new type of solution. It requires a solution that moves from traditional, policy-based data management to a more behavior-based system, so data can manage itself more autonomously and deliver critical business and operational insights at record speeds. Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform is the most complete solution to help customers make the transition to Intelligent Data Management, and today’s announcement with Cisco will enable organizations to fully embrace this future.

Our relationship with Cisco has been long and fruitful. Veeam has partnered with Cisco to provide backup for HyperFlex workloads, including snapshot integration for lower RPOs. What sets this announcement apart is that Cisco has been enhanced with Large Form Factor drives, allowing the platform to both run Veeam services, as well as to act as the repository for Veeam backup jobs.

Unreliable technology is causing nearly two-thirds of organizations today to admit they are being held back by unplanned downtime. That’s why our partnership with Cisco continues to thrive. Our joint announcement for Veeam Availability on Cisco HyperFlex is a response to the direct feedback from enterprise customers, partners and service providers.

Organizations have long built their IT architecture on Cisco hardware. Veeam recognizes that investing in a partnership that leverages this underlying platform allows for a level of trust and confidence as Veeam and Cisco work together delivering a superior outcome over legacy vendor solutions that can’t respond to rapidly changing IT environments.

As Veeam is dominating the data management marketplace, we recognize the responsibility of working with our infrastructure partners to provide a simple solution that cuts through the complexity of past industry offerings.

The timing of this announcement is not coincidental. Currently, many legacy companies are feeling the strain of exponential data growth. With data sprawl pushing the need for protection out to the edge of the IT environment, legacy solutions from legacy vendors are struggling to adjust.

Veeam’s explosive growth is due to our focus on the Modern Data Center and its unique needs. Veeam Availability on Cisco HyperFlex is designed to deliver seamless enterprise scalability. This is increasingly important as complexity continues to challenge IT departments. This joint solution reduces overall complexity and effort required to run a data-protection solution. It also provides a single stack, which is pre-validated, assuring customers that Cisco stands behind the solution.

I recognize that every time a customer makes a buying decision with Veeam they are making a choice that goes far beyond the technical. They are making a decision that puts their company and their own careers on the line. I know this, and every person at Veeam knows this. It is something we take seriously. Both Veeam and Cisco are brands that customers and partners can trust.

Developing the leading solution to allow our customers to trust their data is available all the time continues to be our goal.

Veeam Availability Solution on Cisco HyperFlex represents our two companies coming together to meet the demanding needs of you, our customers. We understand this and have worked to simplify the entire process. You can have confidence that we are as concerned with the Availability of your data just as much as you are.

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