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Whether you’re planning to join the world of cloud computing or already taking advantage of its benefits, there are some great options available when it comes to being able to protect your data in the cloud. As you look into cloud data protection, it’s important to know exactly why it makes sense for so many organizations and be aware of the use cases of existing cloud users.

Veeam has partnered with ESG to present research in a webinar related to what existing users can expect from the cloud, why they are using it and how it helps them achieve the desirable level of data protection. Below is a preview of what to expect in the “Best Practices in Cloud-Powered Data Protection” webinar.

Real use cases and statistics

The research showed that cloud data protection is still very much a challenge in 2017 and many companies are giving backup and recovery the highest priority. When it comes to leveraging the cloud in specific ways to support cost-effective IT modernization, the following five use cases are prevalent: Data backup/archiving, disaster recovery, running internal production applications in the cloud, file storage and running internally/externally facing web servers (see Figure 1).

Best practices in cloud-powered data protection

Figure 1. Top five cloud infrastructure use cases

Further findings show that many organizations are considering or already using cloud services to support remote data survivability, save money and enhance their recovery ability (see Figure 2).


Figure 2. Top ten drivers of cloud-related data protection

Are you still unsure of making the cloud a part of your Availability strategy? This excerpt is just a snippet of the gathered information and there’s much more of this useful data in the webinar recording, which combined will help you understand the angle to take on cloud data protection.

Cloud should be a part of your data protection plan

There are a variety of cloud-powered solutions to choose from, each with their own specific applications, benefits and limitations. The three biggest in the market are Storage-as-a-service used for Data Protection (STaaS/dp), Backup-as-a-service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). No matter which one you choose, Veeam can handle each setup in partnership with the best-on-the-market cloud service providers. Both the ESG “Best Practices in Cloud-Powered Data Protection” webinar and the ESG Solution showcase on this same topic will help you navigate through the cloud-powered solutions and choose the one which better fits your organization’s needs.


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