Announcing the Cloud Protection Trends Report for 2023

Veeam is proud to release the findings of yet another independent research project, the Cloud Protection Trends Report for 2023, which looks at production and protection scenarios that deliver “as a Service,” including:

  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service
  • PaaS – Platform as a Service, including file shares and databases
  • SaaS – Software as a Service, focusing on Microsoft 365
  • BaaS & DRaaS – Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service

Veeam contracts with independent research firms to ask questions on an assortment of topics. In this case, a variety of different “as a Service” administrators were asked about adoption drivers and challenges, their data protection strategies, roles and methods, and what customers want in a BaaS/DRaaS provider. Here’s a quick overview of the project:

Over the course of our series, we’ll be looking at each of the “as a Service” scenarios, unpacking the research results, and discussing how these findings are affecting data protection strategies as we navigate 2023. Enjoy our blog posts and corresponding livestream sessions below:

  1. Announcing the Cloud Protection Trends Report for 2023
  2. IaaS/PaaS usage adoption
  3. IaaS/PaaS backup roles and methods
  4. What is BaaS? And why BaaS or DRaaS?
  5. Considerations when choosing a BaaS/DRaaS provider
  6. M365 backup roles & methods

Here’s our first LinkedInLive from November 8th, 2022 where Dave and Jason reveal the report and discuss the findings.

Download the Cloud Protection Trends Report for 2023 or your region’s executive brief today:

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