Critical Tips To Protect Your Salesforce Data and Metadata

Data is the lifeline of every organization. From customer data to employee data, sales data to service data — when properly utilized all this data can provide rich information to help organizations prosper and grow. And let’s not forget what is likely the most important type of data — the metadata, which is data about data or the internal structure of data inside CRM. Metadata is the structure of your CRM which helps enable users to understand the story that all the other data is trying to tell.

But what happens when this valuable asset isn’t properly protected?

Accidents Happen – Be Prepared

Whenever there are processes that involve human interaction, the possibility of an accident exists. This is certainly true in our day-to-day lives — think spilled milk on the minimal end, all the way up to major accidents that result in property damage and injuries to many. The size and impact of “data accidents” can vary just as widely. From the minimal impact of data in one field on a record being deleted, all the way up to total data loss due to a cyberattack or other catastrophic event.

The key to success is proper planning, testing and execution. In this case, that includes a well-defined, robust backup & restore process and testing that process on regular intervals to ensure it works as expected.

But My Data Is Safe in the Cloud, Right?

There’s a common misconception that if your data is “in the cloud” that it’s safe & that the cloud provider takes measures to protect that data. While in some respects that is true — for example, the cloud provider should be responsible for providing some level of protection against cyberattacks and malware, at the same time, it is not the responsibility of the cloud provider to also have some level of protection against accidental data deletion. Your cloud provider may offer some level of backup and restore capabilities, but that may not be enough.

To learn more about why it is so important to protect not only your Salesforce data, but also your metadata, watch this recorded webinar featuring Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame member, Eric Dreshfield, and Veeam’s Senior Manager, Global Product Marketing – Salesforce Backup, Alison Connor.


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