If you search for IT horror stories on the internet, the majority of them will be about inadequate or missing backups.

This is quite predictable—if you forget about a WHERE statement on a SQL update, upload test data into production or unintentionally delete an entire organizational unit in Active Directory, what’s the only thing that can save your bacon? A good backup!

That’s why on March 31, Veeam is celebrating World Backup Day, the day when we recognize the importance of reliable backups.

Wait… What exactly is World Backup Day?

World Backup Day is a special international day when you remind yourself about the importance of reviewing backup policies and checking restore procedures.

My search on the internet showed the first time World Backup Day was celebrated was on March 31, 2011. The point is, this day is still new, especially compared to April Fools’ Day around the corner (April 1), but I still love the main idea behind it.

You ask, why having a good backup is so important?

A colleague once said there are two groups of people, “Those who already backed up their data, and those who will start to back up their data after loss of some irreplaceable data during an unexpected strike.”

In fact, the necessity in a good backup doesn’t depend on your occupation or technical skills. If you have really important data, whether its business files, photos from the recent vacation or your grandma’s recipes, this data should be backed up. Seriously. And today, it’s easier than ever.


To say the truth, when it comes to the subject of Veeam, I am an absolute fountain of information. I can share a lot of facts about Veeam’s products, however, in this post, I will just briefly mention that we work hard to be the best in data protection and have fun doing it!

Our freeware such as Veeam Backup Free Edition is available for use at no cost. You can easily download it and install it on a physical or virtual machine. So no more excuses for leaving your vSphere or Hyper-V VMs unprotected.

Do you check your backup restores? How often do you backup? Share your thoughts below—I will be happy to discuss!


And remember to celebrate World Backup Day today! #WorldBackupDay

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