It’s a fact: Veeam and VMware are Better Together!

Keeping applications and data available 24.7.365 is not an easy task. The estimated average annual cost of downtime to an enterprise can be up to $16 million, and that cost continues to increase. As we move further into the age of digital transformation, it has become even more critical for CIOs to simplify their operations, meet or exceed organizational SLAs for Availability, and establish close alignments between their virtual infrastructure capabilities and data-protection product capabilities.

We believe a symbiotic relationship exists between VMware's ESXi deployments and Veeam Availability solutions. Because Veeam wanted to further understand and demonstrate the impact and benefits experienced by our customers who were also VMware users, we engaged IDC to perform an independent study by surveying our customers, 85% who were also VMware users.

IDC’s research clearly shows that customers who deployed Veeam with VMware experience higher levels of satisfaction and SLA attainment than those deploying VMware alone. The data found that the actual recovery time when using VMware with Veeam is more than two times better than VMware without Veeam. The RPO with Veeam is ten times better than the recovery time with VMware alone. For both RTOs and RPOs, Veeam customers have been able to exceed their SLA requirements. Bottom line? Veeam and VMware clearly are Better Together!

The study also found that customers using Veeam adopt virtualization technologies at rates higher than the industry average, and they regard Veeam as an enabler of further virtualization deployment. Approximately 70% of x86 workloads are currently virtualized. However, for Veeam customers, the percentage is actually higher. The data shows that 78% of Veeam's customers are more than 75% virtualized (46.5% are more than 90% virtualized). Furthermore, almost three out of four customers (73%) see Veeam as a driver for future virtualization.

Nearly 80% of Veeam customers indicate plans to eliminate or decrease the use of legacy backup products within their environments. We know that legacy backup is no longer enough, and now we know our customers agree!

A total of 1,244 responses from Veeam customers in North America, Europe and the rest of the world were used in IDC’s research. To download the full report, visit IDC Research: Veeam Drives Virtual Infrastructure Adoption and Service-Level Attainment

Peter Ruchatz
Peter Ruchatz
Peter Ruchatz is the Chief Marketing Officer for Veeam Software with 15+ years experience in the IT and consulting industry (, Microsoft, Boston Consulting Group and other.) Peter is responsible for Veeam's global marketing and communication strategies and efforts, including positioning and messaging, product strategy, global alliances, training and enablement. Peter focuses on building and guiding Veeam's global brand and reputation, further extending the presence and relevance to target audiences with scalable and state-of-the-art marketing programs, and helping Veeam's sales teams and partners successfully grow their business to the next level.
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