Availability takes center stage at CES in Las Vegas

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) — the biggest, annual consumer technology exhibition in the world — wrapped up in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago.

CES is a massive, consumer-technology festival, where companies highlight their prototypes and products for the world's media and approximately 100,000 consumers over several days. And, while catching up on the news from CES, I started realizing that instead of wearable technologies and display technologies dominating the conversation, CES 2017 focused heavily on connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

This year saw a significant focus on smart-home technology, with voice-controlled devices featured heavily in the plans for major appliance retailers including Samsung, LG and Whirlpool in partnership with Amazon Alexa, ... Read more

Veeam Leads the Way into 2017

Veeam has had quite a year. We celebrated our 10th birthday, surpassed 200,000 customers and now we have ANOTHER analyst firm stating that we are a Leader! That makes three of the world’s most respected analyst firms – IDC, Gartner and Ovum – clearly stating that Veeam’s innovative approach for delivering Availability solutions for today’s highly virtualized, cloud-first environments is the best out there. Not bad, right?!

So what did these three firms award Veeam?

IDC just identified Veeam as the fastest-growing vendor in the U.S. Veeam is the only vendor placed completely in the ‘Leading’ segment in IDC Market Share quadrant, illustrating immense momentum during the first half of the year; Veeam ... Read more

Don’t be another IT statistic — eliminate your Availability Gap with NetApp and Veeam

It’s safe to say that users expect their applications to be Always On. When was the last time you remember Google search or Gmail being unavailable? Or Amazon’s web store? How about UBER? And, if for some reason you couldn’t access these services, they likely became available shortly after resetting your browser. The fact is that users expect a similar Availability experience everywhere they go.

Now, you may argue that your business is not a Google, Amazon or UBER, but it doesn’t matter. Unless you can consistently provide a reliable service to your customers, you’re at risk of losing them to a competitor who can.

And yet, 84% of IT planners believe they have an Availability Gap between what their customers, partners ... Read more

Google doesn’t lie: Veeam is a market disruptor

There are a few facts of life we can never run away from: the sun will rise and set, we will all get older and everyone Googles. We’ve all done it, either consulted Dr. Google to self-diagnose, or if you’re like me, conducted primary research using Google before purchasing a car or the latest noise-cancelling headphones.

As a marketer, I’ve often wondered how these searches translate into actual purchasing decisions. As the CMO at Veeam, I like to think that each Google search about Veeam directly contributes to our growth.

Enter Google Trends, a slice of marketing measurement heaven. This public web tool based on Google Search shows how often a particular search term is entered, relative to the total search-volume across ... Read more

It’s a fact: Veeam and VMware are Better Together!

Keeping applications and data available 24.7.365 is not an easy task. The estimated average annual cost of downtime to an enterprise can be up to $16 million, and that cost continues to increase. As we move further into the age of digital transformation, it has become even more critical for CIOs to simplify their operations, meet or exceed organizational SLAs for Availability, and establish close alignments between their virtual infrastructure capabilities and data-protection product capabilities.

We believe a symbiotic relationship exists between VMware's ESXi deployments and Veeam Availability solutions. Because Veeam wanted to further understand and demonstrate the impact and benefits experienced by our customers who were also VMware users, we engaged IDC to perform an ... Read more

Gartner names Veeam a Leader in the new 2016 Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup & Recovery Software

The news is out and congratulations are in order for our worldwide team! Gartner, the leading research and advisory firm providing information technology insight for enterprises worldwide, has recognized Veeam as a LEADER in the new 2016 Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup & Recovery, which we know reinforces the success of Veeam’s determined focus to deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise for our almost 200,000 worldwide customers. Read more

World Availability Day: Join our celebration!

World Availability Day is Wednesday, March 30. If you are wondering what that means for you, it means A LOT. This is especially true since World Backup Day (formerly held on March 31) is no longer relevant. Enterprise organizations are now aware that the right question is “Are we AVAILABLE?” and not, “Are we backed up?” Traditional backup is swiftly being replaced by an all-encompassing category called Availability.

Industry today is all about constant innovation, which has had a huge impact on how mankind creates and delivers products and services. Industry‘s digital transformation is fueled by what IDC refers to as the third platform (among mobile, social and cloud platforms). This transformation is having a profound effect on every single industry.

Availability ... Read more

Can Enterprises Really Afford to Risk Their Brand? It Seems They Can… And They Do!

Are you willing to make a decision that will lose your company $16 million a year, damage brand and corporate reputations, and risk the loss of customer confidence? I am pretty sure that most enterprise’s response to that question would be the same – “absolutely not”.

However, these are the consequences that unplanned IT downtime can have on any enterprise.   As a marketer and executive, I know first-hand the financial commitment all companies dedicate to building their brands. In today’s economic environment, where users demand 24/7 access to information and applications, any avoidable downtime can inflict irrevocable damage.  At Veeam, our mission is to ensure that every company in the world has the capability to operate as an Always-on Enterprise.  With ... Read more

Veeam Sweeps the Stevie’s! Wins 3 Gold, 2 Silver International Business Awards

Executive leadership that supports and empowers its team to execute on initiatives is not just Veeam’s strategy; it’s the foundation of all highly successful organizations. When I recently learned that Veeam was the recipient of five Stevie International Business Awards, (three Gold and two Silver awards), the news was validation that the global business community shares Veeam’s same leadership philosophy of encouraging company innovation and growth.

This forward-thinking style comes directly from the top, which is why I’d like to personally congratulate our CEO, Ratmir Timashev, for his Silver Stevie IBA for Executive of the Year — Computer Services. Ratmir’s leadership has seen the company’s Y 2014 results report total bookings revenue of $389 million, a 40-percent increase over the ... Read more