Another look at the 2019 Veeam Innovation Awards for Partners

The nomination window for the 2019 Veeam Innovation Awards for Partners is closing in a few days, so we’re taking a minute to highlight some of the VIA 2018 winners announced earlier this year.

First and foremost, Veeam Software loves innovation – internally and with our partners. We’ve shown this through the years in our products and with every new release, we’ve seen our customers and partners be innovative as well. Throughout the years we’ve seen great things come to live, some shared public and some kept internal within the company.

At VeeamON 2018, the batch of Veeam Innovation Awards went out to the top innovations and we already covered, Probax and Iland, who did amazing things with Office 365 and some great implementations built on top of Veeam Cloud Connect, respectively. Looking back at last year’s solutions, two other awardees leveraged the breadth of Veeam’s technologies within their offerings: SIS and Merrimac.


SIS created a solution which enabled their customers to leverage their Veeam Cloud Connect backups into their existing vCloud Director environment. This gives their customers a huge advantage in terms of recovery when needed as they can just power on 1 or more virtual machines at once giving them a high value for recovery-on-demand. It even makes it easy to migrate to the SIS infrastructure and slowly phase out on-premises installations. You can check out the SIS video here.


Being creative can happen in many ways. With mobile devices growing at a rapid rate, web-based and mobile applications grow as well. This is why Merrimac developed a web-based and mobile analytic dashboards. This gives them an overview on their infrastructure however as it was so useful they improved it and now Merrimac customers have access to it as well. It gives a nice overview on anything related to backup and replication, including local and cloud backups/replicas. Be sure to check out the Merrimac Solutions video.

At Veeam, we are as excited about how innovative our partners are as we are about our own technology advancements, so we’re looking forward to recognizing some even cooler solutions this year. Are you up for the challenge? If you are a Veeam partner, make sure you nominate your offering soon. Last year, we had 4 VCSP’s winning and we are eager to see if this year the VCSP’s will sweep the partner awards again, or whether we’ll see some cool stuff from our Systems Integrators or VAR partners as well.

Come claim your prize at the Veeam Velocity 2019 stage. The game is on!

To find out more about the 2019 VIAs or to nominate your solution, please click here.

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