3 more reasons to love Veeam ONE v10!

Veeam Cloud Data Management and the Veeam Availability Platform provide you with a complete solution to evolve your data. Now your data can be more actionable, manageable, intelligent and self-governing in a flexible way that is both simple to use and more importantly, reliable. An important component of the platform is the monitoring and analytics provided by Veeam ONE. Veeam ONE helps to ensure that not only your backup infrastructure, but your entire virtual environment is performing as expected in order to guarantee that your data is available when and where it’s needed most. Veeam ONE v10 pairs perfectly to support Veeam Backup & Replication v10, with new monitoring capabilities for data protection operations including monitoring and reporting for NAS and Nutanix AHV backup operations that show you what is occurring in your environment in real-time.

In this previous blog post, we discussed some important improvements made to Veeam ONE’s intelligent automation engine with the addition of new, powerful alarms. Let’s continue our discussion today by focusing on some of the new features within v10.

Visibility into NAS Backup and your unstructured data

Veeam Backup & Replication v10 brings powerful NAS backup capabilities based on intelligent changed file tracking that can easily protect massive amounts of unstructured file and folder data stored in shares. In order to ensure your data is protected and recoverable, an equally important part to this is monitoring the health of the components that are used in the backup process. In addition to the strong monitoring capabilities Veeam ONE already has, v10 now provides the ability to monitor your NAS backup jobs, providing statistics on how the job is running. In addition, it also monitors the File Backup Proxy, allowing you to analyze performance metrics to identify bottlenecks and other issues that could impact your backups. Veeam ONE v10 provides you with the ultimate visibility in seeing how much data is being processed, how many files are being backed up, and how your file backup proxy is performing.

Figure 1: File Backup Proxy Monitoring

This is not the only place you can monitor how well your file backup proxies are performing. Heatmaps, found in Veeam ONE Reporter, provides you with easy-to-read visual representations of your proxy loads, which helps you to quickly find and resolve bottlenecks and perform load balancing.

Many new reports were added in Veeam ONE v10, but since we are discussing monitoring NAS backup operations, one report I wanted to highlight is the “Backups on Repository” report. While this report is not only specific to NAS backups, as it provides information on all the data stored on backup repositories. It is extremely useful when it comes to analyzing the amount of data stored on a specific repository and the amount of data, including information on VMs, computers and file shares.

Figure 2: Backups on Repository Snip

The above figure is just a section of the Backups on Repository report that is new in v10. You can see it looks at the number of VMs, computers, and file backup size. It is divided per-repository, so you can see which data is stored on which repository. This is a great report that adds insight on the total size of the backups stored on the repository.

Data protection monitoring for Nutanix AHV

Veeam can protect machines running on Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) through the Veeam Backup & Replication AHV Backup Proxy. Veeam ONE v10 provides the ability to monitor AHV backup jobs via the Veeam ONE monitor, providing you with a single view that monitors all Veeam data protection jobs. Specific to AHV, you will be able to monitor the connection state of the Veeam Backup & Replication AHV Backup Proxy, allowing you to be notified if the Veeam Backup server loses connection to the proxy.  Lastly, specifically for Nutanix AHV machines, a new “Protected Nutanix AHV report” is available to ensure your AHV VMs are being successfully protected.

Scalability improvements

Veeam has customers of many sizes and those customers have different amounts of data, applications, and business needs. Veeam ONE was built for scale to support any size and any amount of data for customers. The scalability capabilities in Veeam ONE v10 has been further optimized, thus making it possible to monitor even the largest backup and virtual infrastructures.

Veeam ONE v10 improves the data collection process for a couple different aspects of its monitoring capabilities. This includes collecting even at the application level, allowing you to monitor the processes and services running on your machines more accurately and timely. Continuing with our new business view 2.0 feature, the categorization process had been accelerated, making it faster to render views for the categories and groups you have just created. Additionally, you will see a responsive user interface, even in large scale deployments. All these scalability enhancements mean that your deployment will work more efficiently, so even as you monitor a large amount of data, you will have real-time monitoring resolving issues to ensure a healthy data center to meet business demands.

Innovating in v10

Veeam ONE continues to innovate and iterate, so that there is always value that benefits your backup performance and ultimately your business, by taking full advantage of what it has to offer. With so many powerful capabilities, Veeam Availability Suite v10 continues to be the market leader offering a solution that is simple, flexible and reliable.

Want to dig deeper into Veeam ONE v10? Check out our new product page. Try Veeam ONE v10 today!

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