For many IT decision makers, flash is strictly for critical business applications. So, it would seem a non-starter for many organizations to consider flash for backup and recovery workloads. Perhaps it’s time to think differently.

What if there was a more modular way to deploy flash that would enable organizations to reap the same operational benefits for backup as they’ve already enjoyed in their production application environments? Such as increased data center efficiencies through massive storage consolidation, predictable scale-out performance capabilities and increased IT management simplicity.

Moreover, with more organizations running in an Always-On environment, there is an increasing need for solutions that enable the rapid recovery of critical applications and data from ultra-fast backup storage resources like flash.

These are excellent reasons for using flash for backup and recovery workloads, however, Veeam and Pure Storage can further sweeten the ROI pot to make this more of a no-brainer for financial decision makers.

In addition to accelerating backup and recovery, reducing data center footprint, simplifying IT operational management and dramatically improving application SLAs, Veeam combined with Pure Storage FlashBlade enable businesses to get a higher return on their IT investments.

How? By enabling organizations to leverage their investments in backup infrastructure to support several additional business use cases beyond backup:

  1. Enhanced business agility: Rapidly orchestrate the creation of VMs and data directly from the Veeam backup repository on FlashBlade to provide developers with a high-performance dev/test environment that is totally isolated from production. This helps increase business agility while lowering the costs associated with dedicated dev/test infrastructure and/or the cost of using public cloud resources.
  2. Hybrid cloud backup: Many organizations are looking to the public cloud to lower backup and DR costs. Veeam Cloud Connect (VCC) paired with FlashBlade enables organizations to replicate backup data to the public cloud for cost effective off-site backup and DR. Businesses get the best of both worlds – rapid recoveries of critical data from local flash and cheap/deep storage for low cost backup in the cloud.
  3. Data Analytics: Many organizations take multiple backups throughout the course of the business day. Why not leverage this data to perform data analytics? Veeam can be used to non-disruptively move backup data to FlashBlade and end users can run their queries off super-fast flash resources to get the actionable insight they need to support the business.

Veeam and Pure Storage are making flash a viable option for backup and recovery workloads by enhancing application recovery SLAs, dramatically reducing data center footprint, simplifying IT and allowing customers to leverage their backup data across multiple use cases beyond backup.

This in turn enables organizations to get a higher return on their investments in backup infrastructure, save money and enhance business agility.

For best practices on how to integrate Veeam and Pure Storage solutions in your environment, click here to read how you can attain blazing fast backup (3.72 TB/hour) and recovery speeds (5.33 TB/hour) for all your critical applications and data.


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