SaaS Backup Guide: Empowering Resellers

The surge in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, in an era where data is the lifeblood of business, has been nothing short of revolutionary. The move to cloud and hybrid-cloud business models continues to exponentiate, with a 17% increase in enterprise SaaS spending from 2022 to 2023, and with cloud investment rising even faster with a 23% increase. This remarkable growth underscores a pivotal shift in how companies operate and manage their digital assets. With more data stored and processed in the cloud, the importance of robust, reliable SaaS backup solutions becomes increasingly paramount — which, in this domain, reveals potential growth that is as exciting as it is immense.

For Veeam Value-Added Resellers (VARs), robust SaaS backup offerings are gateways to establishing long-term relationships with clients who are navigating the complexities of the digital landscape. This presents VARs with an exceptional opportunity to not only meet the immediate data protection needs of clients, but also to position themselves as indispensable advisors in their clients’ ongoing digital transformation journey.

Going forward, this blog will serve as a guide to resellers who wish to seize this market shift and transform their client-reseller dynamic by offering more than merely products, but the promise of unwavering data integrity, security, and continuity.

Why SaaS Backup

The aforementioned revolution has ushered in a new age of convenience and efficiency through SaaS applications. In 2023, up to 67% of surveyed organizations state that they currently use cloud-based backup services, with a staggering 79% reporting that they plan to use them within the next two years. However, with the spotlight on cloud-based services, organizations continue to unveil complex vulnerabilities present when storing data in the cloud. The need for a zero-tolerance shield that guards against unpredictable data loss has become necessary. This includes protection against accidental deletion, cybersecurity threats, and system failure — all risks that no company can afford to overlook.

For businesses, SaaS backup has become the primary safeguard to this risk, with over two-thirds of businesses currently protecting their the majority of their data through cloud-based services. It functions as a safety net that allows companies to recover swiftly from data breaches or losses, thus minimizing downtime, upholding reputation, and maintaining customer trust. For resellers, this translates to an invaluable offering. Businesses are transitioning to hybrid-cloud models and need data protection services that evolve with the industry. As complex as the data-protection industry is, businesses need more than a product — they need the peace of mind that allows them to focus on growth without the looming fear of data loss.

Resellers provide this promise — and, in doing so, become a cornerstone of a business’s continuity plan. By championing this essential service, resellers position themselves as integral advisors in their client’s ongoing quest for digital resilience.

Veeam’s SaaS Backup Solutions

Veeam understands the criticality of business data, as well as the complexity that comes with protecting it. This year alone, almost 90% of organizations reported having suffered a cyberattack, which is a jump up from the 76% the year prior. The rise in cyber threats has highlighted a critical gap in data protection, especially in popular SaaS platforms like Microsoft 365 and Salesforce, which do not offer native backup solutions for business data. In unambiguous terms, the Shared Responsibility Model states that in platforms like Microsoft 365 and Salesforce, data ownership and protection fall squarely on the business’s shoulders — leaving companies to fend for themselves when data loss incidents occur.

Because of this, businesses now require a reliable safety net that guarantees critical data is protected and readily accessible. Even more so, businesses need a solution that works regardless of when and how it was compromised. However, understanding the threat landscape of popular SaaS platforms is a complex issue and an enormous burden for businesses to manage on their own. Fortunately, Veeam has lived in the SaaS data protection market for nearly two decades, and in that time has built and iterated upon a robust suite of solutions — one founded on a strong, nuanced understanding of the people, technology, and practices of cutting-edge data protection and cybersecurity.

For most businesses, Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 is the first step to take. Without a backup of Microsoft 365, businesses are far more likely to fall victim to retention policy gaps, data-loss incidents, and security risks (and even open themselves up to serious regulatory exposure). With Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365, businesses ensure that they never lose access or control over their data, encompassing key services like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams. To learn more about how the Shared Responsibility Model affects the protection of Microsoft 365 data in particular, check out this blog post

In an era where data drives the flow and success of business decisions and customer interactions, Salesforce has become a foundational tool across industries. As it has become an invaluable asset to many organizations, the importance of safeguarding Salesforce data cannot be overstated — yet again, per the Shared Responsibility Model, the burden falls on the shoulders of the business.

Through Veeam Backup for Salesforce, Veeam offers total protection against data loss incidents that can occur due to human error, malicious actors, or system outages through comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities. This not only provides peace of mind, but ensures business continuity, keeping Salesforce operations intact and running smoothly, regardless of external threats or operational challenges.

Still, data loss remains a threat to every aspect of an organization. With Veeam Data Platform, businesses are offered a custom-tailored suite of backup solutions designed to seamlessly integrate with on-premises and cloud-native applications. These solutions are tailored to provide comprehensive backup and recovery for a variety of applications and workloads — be it cloud, virtual, physical, SaaS or Kubernetes — ensuring that any business, anywhere, can fortify their data with a plan that fits their specific requirements.

Tailored Backup and Recovery Solutions

Veeam resellers have the power to offer clients complete ownership and control over their data, with the ability to back up and recover from anywhere, to anywhere, at any time. With this, resellers can:

  • Ensure comprehensive data security that removes risk from clients’ backups
  • Give clients the assurance and confidence that they’ll meet recovery objectives
  • Facilitate a seamless transition to the hybrid cloud and accelerate digital transformation

Monitoring and Analytics for Enhanced Security

Veeam, through cutting-edge monitoring and analytics software, enables clients to stay a step ahead of threat actors aiming to jeopardize their recovery capabilities. Wit the ability to detect malicious backup activity, resellers offer the ability to:

  • Proactively mitigate threats to clients’ recovery strategies
  • Minimize downtime with automated, efficient responses
  • Provide real-time insights into the location and protection status of data, ensuring continuous monitoring and security

Efficient Recovery Orchestration

In critical moments, efficiency is key. Clients are offered peace of mind with automated recovery plans that eliminate guesswork. With Veeam, assurance looks like:

  • Regular, low-impact testing to confirm the integrity and cleanliness of data recovery
  • Customizable orchestration tailored to the specific needs of each business
  • Dynamic reporting capabilities that provide instant proof of compliance whenever required

But Veeam’s commitment to resellers goes beyond the product. A good partnership is the foundation of any profitable reseller program. This is why Veeam’s award-winning VAR program helps resellers build businesses on modern technology that is designed to help customers stay ahead of change and vulnerabilities. Veeam resellers are equipped with extensive training, co-marketing materials, and competitive margins — with the goal being not just to sell a product, but to ensure resellers can effectively integrate Veeam’s solutions into their business model and create a symbiotic relationship that drives success for both parties.

Further, align with other ProPartners in our network to offer customers the data backup and recovery solutions they need.  Veeam ProPartners have breadth and depth of experience in numerous modern technologies and are ready to work with you to complement your own offering and expertise.

This level of support and dedication is what makes Veeam’s solutions not just a service offering, but a catalyst of growth for resellers. It’s about providing a product that resellers can confidently stand behind, one that is backed by the assurance of Veeam’s renowned reliability and customer service.

Becoming a Veeam Reseller

The journey to becoming a Veeam reseller is a pathway to unlocking new business potentials. As a Veeam Value-Added Reseller (VAR), you can be an integral part of providing customers with the modern data protection solutions they need to protect their business — all while capitalizing on a $9.2 billion data market.

1. Join the Veeam ProPartner Network

Start your path to success by becoming a member of the Veeam ProPartner Network. This is the gateway to Veeam’s comprehensive reseller program, offering a wealth of resources designed to enhance sales acumen and technical know-how. Find more information on how to join here.

2. Explore Veeam IQ

Once part of the network, you will gain access to Veeam IQ — an extensive online learning platform wherein VARs can immerse themselves in the world of Veeam’s products, earn accreditations, and master sales techniques at your own pace. Veeam IQ’s diverse training modules are crafted to empower resellers with a deep understanding of our solutions, providing resources to effectively communicate their value to clients, build credibility within the market, and attain competencies that certify them as verified experts.

3. Make the Most of Marketing and Sales Resources

Value-Added Resellers are supported by an array of marketing and sales tools. Whether it’s through customizable campaign materials, comprehensive product guides, or cutting-edge analyst and industry insights, these resources are designed to streamline marketing efforts that attract leads, engage prospects, and close deals.

4. Benefit from Our Dedicated Support

As a Value-Added Reseller, you’re never alone. VARs receive 24/7 support from dedicated account managers and technical experts who are committed to success. Whether VARs need assistance with complex deployments or have questions about product functionalities, a qualified expert will be there to ensure those questions have answers.

5. Grow and Reap the Rewards

With a strong foundation in place, VARs can focus on growing business and relationships. The VAR program is structured to provide competitive margins and rewards that acknowledge and incentivize success. As sales increase, so do benefits, including opportunities to advance within the ProPartner Network tiers, gaining even more advantages.

Success Stories

The true measure of a program’s success is seen in the real-world stories of those who have lived it. Veeam’s Value-Added Reseller program is rich with testimonials from partners who have not only witnessed growth but have also transformed their business landscape through Veeam-powered solutions.

Hospital San Javier

Hospital San Javier has leveraged Veeam to protect 20TB of data crucial for its healthcare services. Veeam’s scalable solutions have not only enhance data recovery for clinical and administrative staff but also protected the hospital from data breaches and service outages, bolstering its reputation and IT reliability.


Arche, in the property transaction sector, efficiently manages over 600 virtual machines and backs up 315TB of data nightly within three hours using Veeam. This has ensured seamless operations and transaction processing worth millions of euros, enhancing system responsiveness and overall business performance.


Siemens has integrated Veeam to expand its services, particularly in industrial automation data backup and recovery, attracting over 200 customers. Veeam’s support has minimized downtime in critical operations and increased business resilience, meeting and exceeding customer expectations in backup and restore services.

Implications for Veeam Resellers

Veeam excels in its ability to handle critical, at data operations efficiently, no matter the industry or scale. For Veeam resellers, this means business. The Veeam-powered solutions VARs offer are able to cement long-term and profitable relationships with clients, built upon a foundation of data integrity, uptime, and enhanced customer satisfaction and service portfolios.

Click here for more customer success stories.


Resellers provide an essential service in this digital-first world. It’s not just a matter of safeguarding data — it’s about ensuring the resilience and continuity of businesses in an age where data is a business’s single most valuable asset. For VARs, the opportunity within this space is significant, providing a pathway to grow alongside the evolving needs of businesses.

Veeam stands at the forefront, offering a tried-and-true, ever-evolving suite of backup solutions that are not only reliable, but supported by a comprehensive partnership that values the growth and success of its resellers.

Now, I invite you to explore the exciting opportunities found within Veeam’s reseller program. Become a part of a community that thrives on innovation, support, and success. Embrace the chance to elevate businesses, harness the power of cutting-edge data solutions, and join a network of professionals dedicated to thriving in the data protection industry.

Discover more about Veeam’s Reseller Program and how you can begin your journey through the following link: Become a Veeam Value-Added Reseller.

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