It’s been a busy few weeks around the halls at Veeam since we starting talking about our March 22 announcement around SureBackup. Since the initial countdown clock went live we have had inquires from several partners, customers, bloggers and analysts. As part of the process, we have been briefing analysts (under NDA of course) about our upcoming announcement and plans. While I still cannot say anything official, here are some quotes of analyst’s reactions so far:

“Wow – you guys are smart!”


“This is unique – it's really cool. Very powerful.”

“I applaud you for this – this is a big push forward.”

“No one else is doing this!”

“This is very exciting stuff. You’re hitting on a need that’s currently not being met.”


“I wish I had had this a few years ago when I was in IT!”

“Leveraging the investment you’ve made in backups to do more”

Update: March 11, 2010 - "what you are doing is absolutely necessary and will take a lot of burden from a lot of people"

Update: March 15, 2010 - Here's a Twitter quote from Chris Wolf at Burton Group

Update: March 16, 2010: Did 4 calls back to back this morning, here's some select reactions:

"there's never been anything like this before"

"Veeam is making several Leadership moves in the new paradigm of server virtualization and enabling organizations to do new things"

"Looks so simple... how come no one ever thought of this before"

"Current process is extremely expensive and time consuming... this is the answer"

Update March 17, 2010: Just one for today...

"I'm not a guy that's easily impressed and you just impressed me"

Notice that I have not said who said the above, I won’t quote an analyst without their permission and of course they’re a bit vague too…but it’s not just us that’s excited about what we’re getting ready to release. We have many more analysts to talk to and I’m sure we’ll get more quotes, many of them may even show up in our press release with the analysts who said them.

Check back for updates!

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