I'm very excited for the upcoming release of Veeam Monitor 4.5 with Veeam Business View integration. While we released Veeam Business View a few months ago, we are now getting our products aligned with how it works and how it enables you to start taking a "business view" of your virtual infrastructure rather than just an "infrastructure view". Monitor 4.5 will show the Business View tree from within it's interface, making it very easy to set alerts, create reports and in general just see how things are performing based on the business category or group. This includes even setting alerts by service level agreement (SLA) or by application. Virtual Machines are not limited to 1 dimension, they can be in multiple categories/groups. The video below (featuring the voice of yours truly) goes into more detail of what's coming up and shows the power of Veeam Business View along with Veeam Monitor 4.5.

On YouTube:

The best part in my opinion? Veeam Business View is free and Veeam Monitor has a free edition. You'll get all this capability without spending a penny! Of course there are some limitations on Veeam Monitor Free Edition, here's a summary:

  • real-time monitoring only (24 hours of history)
  • real-time reporting only (24 hours of history in report)
  • 10 alarms
  • no alarm modeling
  • no VM/ESX/VC drill-down (process monitoring/management)
  • no access to datastore load monitoring (other datastore graphs are available)

Veeam Monitor 4.5 should be available in early Q4, sign up here to be notified.

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