Several weeks ago Microsoft approached Veeam asking us if we would be supporting Hyper-V, especially their R2 release which RTM'ed just the other day. Of course Veeam's strategy is to support Hyper-V, we just hadn't announced it publicly yet. Micosoft was kind enough to allow me a guest blog spot on their virtualization blog to make the announcement. Veeam will be making additional announcements on this blog discussing our Hyper-V strategy in more detail in the coming weeks, we're very excited to be entering this new era of virtualization.

Check out the full post here, below is an exerpt.

R2 Veeam Too

Veeam’s tagline is “listening to you, building the tools you need.” We’ve heard your requests and we’d like to announce now that Veeam is committed to fully supporting Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V and Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2. While Veeam has continued to build some of the best software for data protection and management of VMware infrastructures, we realize that customers are now faced with more virtualization choices. By fully supporting Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere, Veeam can help you manage heterogeneous hypervisor deployments and clouds with the innovative solutions you’ve come to expect from Veeam. The management and R&D teams at Veeam have a long history of working with Microsoft going back to the Aelita days, and we’re all excited to be working with Microsoft again.

Update July 30, 2009

Check out VMETC's post on the laws of vMotion

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  • On behalf of Sir Issac Newton and myself I say “Thanks!”

  • TechFan

    who is Micosoft? 😉 I guess they are kind?

  • Mike

    When will a tool be available for Hyper-V? And which?


  • Mikey

    This sounds great!

    Will Veeam support CSV as well as DPM2010 or just “normal” Hyper-V backups like DPM2007? If CSV support will be added, will it require hardware snapshot providers to be installed in order to backup several virtual machines at the same time?

    • We’re still formulating our Hyper-V support. If you have feedback of what you’re currently doing with Hyper-V and what type of support you need please let us know in the forums:

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