A few weeks ago Veeam introduced Backup Free Edition and changed the way we think about backup in the world of Hyper-V. There is a solemn wish in the world of the IT Professional to find a better way to do things that is more effective and less expensive, with free being the ultimate price tag. Kevin Remde, one of my friends at Microsoft, wrote this blog post outlining how to use Windows Backup, Exports, PowerShell, and scripting to backup a VM in Hyper-V. It is free, but it certainly is not easy or more effective. Enter Veeam Backup Free Edition. This tool was designed to be used in a Hyper-V environment and makes use of Microsoft’s own recommended VSS process for backing up virtual machines. Central to Veeam Backup Free edition are 3 useful utilities called:

VeeamZip – an ad-hoc backup for operational, archival, or portability purposes.

Instant File-Level Recovery – Restore individual guest files from within an image level backup.

File Manager – The easy way to manage VM and host files.

These three utilities have a dramatic impact on the process of backup and recovery in a Hyper-V environment.

How do I get Veeam Backup Free Edition?

1.  Visit http://www.veeam.com/virtual-machine-backup-solution-free/download.html

2.  You will be prompted to Register with Veeam. Remember this is not a trial, it is a fully supported free product.

3.  Download the installation package (512 MB for the 64 bit version)

4.  Extract and Install on the machine you will use as your console (Mine took 15 minutes)

5. Link the console to your Hyper-V hosts (there is no limit to how many hosts or vm’s)

6.  Back up and Restore as needed.

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