Today, version 5.6 of both the Veeam nworks Management Pack and Smart Plug-in are available. The nworks Management Pack (MP) for VMware allows Microsoft System Center Operations Manager installations to monitor and manage the VMware vSphere installation. The nworks Smart Plug-In (SPI) for VMware provides monitoring and management of the vSphere installation as well as for HP Operations Manager environments.

Version 5.6 for both MP and SPI provide a number of new capabilities, including:

  • Memory compression metric: This new metric for vSphere 4.1 is used to report the amount of memory compressed on the ESX(i) hosts, as part of this new memory management technique.
  • Disk queue latency: This capability allows the individual I/O queue on the host to be monitored at a default threshold of 50 ms.
  • Network packet loss: This is the ability to monitor for dropped packets (sent or received) from the ESX(i) host interface.
  • Snapshot age monitoring: This monitoring element will alert on snapshots older than a specified number of hours are present. The default time value is 48 hours.
  • New events for vSphere 4.1: A number of new events were added in vSphere 4.1, and the MP and SPI provide 34 new monitors for events. One example is the DrsRuleViolationEvent, which records if a virtual machine violates a DRS rule.

SPI also offers a few additional features with the 5.6 release including support for Operations Manager on Linux (OML) as well as message forwarding within the Operations Manger console.

Plus, MP also includes additional new features of the 5.6 release such as the ability to scale larger, which can aid in VDI implementations.

More information for each product can be found on the nworks Smart Plug-In for VMware homepage and the nworks Management Pack for VMware homepage.

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