Today we are going to kick off our highly anticipated Live Launch for "v5"! Our CEO Ratmir Timashev will be making this announcement with Doug Hazelman (@VMDoug). Ratmir already sent personal invitations to a number of our Veeam friends or our extended Veeam family in the VMware community because he wanted to be sure that they will join him personally at this very special Live event.

So today will be one of those special moments in our history. We have been working tirelessly on Veeam Backup and Replication v5 with vPower which is truly a breakthrough, innovative technology! And we genuinely believe that this is the start of something new in the backup and data protection industry.

During our 20 minute announcement, Ratmir and Doug will share some of our inside stories that we have never shared outside the company in the past. You will hear about the "change of plans" that happened in October 2009 when our visionary CTO and R&D team paused the development of what was to be v5 originally and instead came up with this breakthrough technology that you will be able to download and try today for the first time (right after our Live Launch event!). We will also tell you how this was a "top secret" for many months when nobody outside of R&D knew about the special project and how we found out about it internally. And Doug will have you convinced during the Live Launch that this is just a start – the release of v5 with vPower tomorrow is only beginning of what is possible next… Tune in and be part of backup history!

Please sign up here for this 20 minute Live Launch event:

Are you as excited as we are? Then see you soon!

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