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Scale Infinitely. Stay Protected in the Cloud

Extend Veeam protection to any public cloud

Whether you’re just starting out or far along your journey to the cloud, you know it can be a powerful extension for your data center and application strategy. With Veeam®, you can harness the power and agility of the cloud while minimizing data loss, portability and storage costs. Remember, building contingency plans in case something fails applies to the cloud just like on-premises environments. Customers need to:

  • Protect workloads in the cloud
  • Store backups in the cloud for redundancy and flexibility
  • Leverage the cloud for disaster recovery (DR)
Veeam supports a variety of cloud capabilities across a list of cloud services:

Capabilities for Powerful, Affordable Protection in the Cloud

Veeam Cloud Tier

Scale infinitely and do even more with the infinite capacity and security that the Veeam Cloud Tier object storage integration provides!

  • Ensure your backups are recoverable and 100% protected from ransomware with Amazon S3 Object Lock Immutability.
  • The new automated copy mode allows you to duplicate backups to object storage for fast, air-gapped redundancy, achieving the 3-2-1 Rule faster than ever.
  • Support for Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, IBM Cloud Object Storage and S3-compatible service providers or on-premises object storage solutions.
  • Best of all, Veeam does not charge additional fees to protect workloads in the cloud.

Cloud-native data protection

Protect and easily recover from any data loss scenario in the cloud with cloud-native Veeam Backup for AWS and Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure. Integration within Veeam Backup & Replication is coming soon!

Restore directly to cloud

Achieve fast and easy portability and recovery of any backup directly to AWS, Azure and Azure Stack in two simple steps. Directly restore any backup to the cloud for immediate access.

Veeam Cloud Connect

Fully-integrated, cloud-based DR replication and fast, secure cloud backup with Veeam Cloud Connect through Veeam’s large ecosystem of capable service providers.

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World’s largest data center provider delivers Cloud Data Management™ to 10,000 customers with Veeam and NetApp

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