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Bahrain Credit Drives Digital Transformation with Veeam

DUBAI, UAE, September 15, 2019: Veeam Software, the leader in Backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management, announced that Bahrain Credit financing  company, under

 Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company (BCFC), has selected Veeam Backup & Replication to guarantee data Availability, improve operational efficiency and better deliver digital services to its customers.


Bahrain Credit prides itself on being the first choice for customers by providing excellent products, services and solutions and relies on data Availability for its continued success. Bahrain Credit’s priority has been the digitization of its services to extend greater conveniences to its customers, while catering to Bahrain's growing demographic of young, tech-savvy digital natives. Getting to know its customers would be central to its strategy of engaging millennials. Therefore, data would be the nerve-center of its new paradigm.


“Financial services digitization is our key to provide a differentiated customer experience that suits the new lifestyles changes,” explained Ali Al Marzooq, Head of Innovation and Business Technology of Bahrain Credit. “With unique digital services on-boarding, we aim to simplify the process to help our customers save their time and effort. We’re building omni-channel engagement for our customers through web portals, mobile apps and self-service kiosks, so their entire customer journey can be managed online.”


Veeam’s scalable backup and replication capabilities accelerates business performance, providing an easier and more efficient way for the Bahrain Credit in-house team to manage scalable workloads. Veeam Backup & Replication takes care of the backup and recovery of several mission-critical virtual machines (VM), including the VM running Bahrain Credit’s core database, which stores all customer data and serves all its enterprise applications. By enabling the group’s Digital Transformation strategy, Veeam has radically enhanced efficiencies across multiple areas of Bahrain Credit’s business.


With huge amount of its data existing solely in digital formats and a single hour of downtime costing a significant amount of money, Bahrain Credit attributes the ability to now smoothly run key operations, guarantee business performance and meet its customers’ needs to Veeam.


"Thanks to Veeam’s single management console, they have greater visibility of their data and can reduce the cost and time spent manually managing and storing data. Reclaiming this time has allowed them to focus on driving the Digital Transformation of the business and delivering exceptional omni-channel engagement for customers through web portals, mobile apps and self-service kiosks.


Veeam has also given Bahrain Credit the confidence to digitize its mission-critical records, allowing customer records to now be instantly available across all branches, speeding up workflows. This has cut the processing time for new service applications.


Bahrain Credit is now set to partner with Veeam in a cloud migration project designed to be the first step in an ongoing Digital Transformation journey for the company. The program will also integrate Veeam’s replication solution for disaster recovery and a system for the archiving of emails for off-boarded employees to promote greater service continuity for customers.


“The cloud will enable us to meet our goal of not having any physical servers by 2020 and we see Veeam as being a key partner in achieving this objective," continued Al Marzooq.


“We pride ourselves in delivering effective, easy-to-use services to our clients. Our reliable and robust Backup and recovery technology gives customers the confidence to proactively manage their data, drive digital services to market faster and deliver highest value and save them both time and money,” said Claude Schuck, Regional Manager, Middle East at Veeam.