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Coficab standardizes its global backup strategy with Veeam

Manufacturing company consolidates its status as an international company

PARIS, France, June 24, 2020: Veeam Software, the leader in backup solutions that enables Cloud Data Management, today announced that Coficab, a Tunisian company specialized in the design, manufacturing and sales of automotive cables and wires, chose Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise to homogenize its IT infrastructure and standardize its backup strategy across production sites. Thanks to Veeam, Coficab improved its management efficiency and now ensures data integrity and availability, while consolidating its international company status.

“The need for availability is crucial for Coficab. Any business interruption is synonymous with great difficulty for us towards our internal teams and our customers,” said Walid Nasri, Project Manager of the Corporate IT Infrastructure team at Coficab. “The main mission of the IT team is to ensure data availability, integrity and security, and the recovery after incidents as soon as possible, in order to resume production with minimal impact.”

The other challenge facing Coficab was a distributed data backup management among 13 production sites, causing a huge waste of time, money and efficiency for the group. The acquisition of Veeam solution allowed Coficab to standardize its backup strategy and put an end to this management complexity.

In collaboration with the Corporate IT team and all the IT teams of the different sites, Nasri built this new infrastructure on an "Umbrella" model, powered by Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise capabilities. The "Umbrella" architecture relies on a central Veeam server that centrally manages each site's servers and supervises backup visibility with Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager. "Everything has become easier thanks to Veeam and the "Umbrella" architecture, which allows us to have a single contract with a single license file for all sites and for the cloud. We have become more efficient at all levels, both in our daily site management and for the deployment of a new site" stated Sami Benzid, Corporate IT Infrastructure Manager.

As the central site of the "Umbrella" architecture is located in the cloud, Coficab also benefits from the backup supervision of all its sites as well as the restoration of data with Veeam Direct Restore and has reduced file recovery time from minutes to seconds.

Coficab experienced immediate benefits such as a 90% reduction in the backup time of virtual machines and the guarantee of a reliable backup quality. "The time reduction is invested with our teams who can focus on other more value added tasks such as managing internal customers' needs or conducting regular audits" said Benzid.

To learn more, visit https://www.veeam.com/success-stories/coficab.html