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Veeam recognizes winners of the 2020 ProPartner Awards in Sweden

STOCKHOLM, Sweden / MARCH, 30 2021: Veeam Software, the leader in Backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management, announced the 2020 Veeam ProPartner Awards winners for Sweden. The annual awards acknowledge the success and dedication of the most successful Veeam ProPartner Value-Added Resellers (VAR) and Veeam Cloud & Service Providers (VCSP) partners who have excelled in providing their customers with best-in-class support and expertise helping them to cope with the challenges of accelerated digital transformation and increasingly complex customer needs while leveraging modern Cloud Data Management strategies to ensure that business data is available and protected at all times.

Jesper Lundin, Regional Director for Sweden & Finland at Veeam, said: “The year 2020 was full of unprecedented challenges, but we were working closer together than ever before while many of our joint customers were tapping the full potential of Cloud Data Management as a first. I am proud of our ProPartner Network and its high ambitions to strive for excellence in all initiatives and activities driven so that the business continuity of thousands of local businesses is ensured. The 2020 Veeam Partner Award winners represent our ‘Power of Pro’ motto at its best and I am delighted to recognize and celebrate their accomplishments in Sweden.”

The following SwedishVeeam ProPartners and VCSPs were awarded:

  • The Fastest Growth of the Year - Dustin Sverige AB
  • The Most Significant Project of the Year – Atea Sverige AB
  • The Best VCSP Partner of the Year – Iver Väst AB

“Despite the unforeseen circumstances of the pandemic, Veeam remained focused on delivering the technology and services that are most requested by our customers. It is Veeam´s mission to enable our partners to build their business on technology that is designed to help customers stay in front of change. That´s why we kept up a rapid pace of innovation by launching 16 major product releases in 2020 while gaining another competitive edge with the acquisition of Kasten, the market leader for Kubernetes Backup and Disaster Recovery, to support future-proof IT architectures. With the NEW Veeam Backup & Replication v11 release, we have raised the bar once more and I am confident that our partners will continue to propel their businesses in 2021 like the 2020 ProPartner Awards winners in Swedendid who we are honouring with our highest achievement awards for their loyalty and contributions during the past year,” concluded Lundin.

The Veeam ProPartner Network is a global ecosystem of partners that work directly and indirectly with one another to build, market, and sell Veeam-powered services and solutions. ProPartner VAR and VCSP partners have access to customized programs, tools and resources designed to enable them to become more profitable and drive growth according to their individual business models and objectives. To learn more about the ProPartner Network, please visit: https://www.veeam.com.