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Veeam Unveils Vision for the Hyper-Available Enterprise and Strategy to Provide The Most Complete Platform for Intelligent Data Management at Massive Scale

Veeam Hyper-Availability Solutions, as used by 75% of the Fortune 500, provide a smooth journey to Intelligent Data Management with features for behavior-driven orchestration of data across large-scale multi-cloud infrastructures

VEEAMON, CHICAGO, IL: May 15, 2018:  Veeam Software, today unveiled its vision for the Hyper-Available Enterprise and its strategy to guide enterprise customers on their journey to Intelligent Data Management at massive scale.  Delivered at VeeamON 2018, the company’s fourth annual user and partner conference, Veeam demonstrated how customers around the world are leveraging the Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform for Intelligent Data Management to ensure business continuity, reduce risk and accelerate innovation in an era where technologies ranging from IoT, AI, machine learning and blockchain require a platform with massive scalability and ease of use for managing data.


The scale and complexity of managing the hyper-growth and hyper-sprawl of enterprise data today requires a new type of solution, one that moves from traditional policy-based data management to a more behavior-based system, so data can manage itself more autonomously and deliver critical business and operational insights at record speeds. Together with its ecosystem of more than 55,000 technology partners, the Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform is the most complete solution to help customers make this transition to Intelligent Data Management.


“Since Veeam’s founding in 2006, we have been the go-to provider of Availability solutions for apps and data in multi-cloud environments, firmly establishing ourselves as the leading vendor in the space,” said Peter McKay, Co-CEO and President of Veeam. “However, as technologies like IoT, AI, machine learning and blockchain mature, and as customers grapple with mining massive amounts of data for better business insights, they need solutions that can do far more than ensure data Availability.  We believe Hyper-Availability is the new expectation for data in today’s enterprise.  The Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform, used by many of the world’s largest enterprises including Royal Caribbean, Mercedes-Benz, Telefonica and L’Oréal, is the most complete solution to help customers on their journey to Intelligent Data Management so that they deliver innovative digital services to market faster.”


“Our fleet of 49 ships do not operate without data, and Veeam manages more than three Petabytes of data which will grow to nearly six Petabytes in the next 24 months,” commented Renata Kobylinski, Director of Hosting and Engineering Services at Royal Caribbean Cruises. “We chose Veeam for its massive scalability, ease of use, and peace of mind to know that our data and systems will always be hyper-available. Veeam will grow with us and allow us to spend more time focusing on delighting our customers and creating lifetime memories of an exceptional experience for them.”


Availability has been traditionally associated with business continuity and backup and recovery, to make sure organizations stay up and running. With increasing challenges in managing enterprise data, Hyper-Availability requires that data must evolve from basic Backup and Recovery solutions which mechanically copy data at prescribed intervals, to a much higher level of intelligence where data learns to respond instantly and appropriately to what actually happens anywhere across the enterprise data infrastructure. Data protection and data management must move from reactive insurance policies to a system that provides proactive business value.


“Veeam’s vision for Intelligent Data Management is based on a flexible set of integrated, plug-and-play solutions,” said Danny Allan, Vice President of Product Strategy at Veeam. “Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform provides the integration, visibility, orchestration, intelligence, and automation to evolve data management from policy-based to behavior-based, and from manual management to intelligent automation. This enables the provisioning and management of the massive, constant flows of data running across highly distributed, multi-cloud infrastructures to be securely automated, self-learning, and optimally orchestrated. Enterprises that run on Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform respond faster to any business need, gain multifold improvements in efficiencies, and have far greater agility to deliver new digital services and experiences that improve how people live and work.”


There are five stages on the journey to Intelligent Data Management for the Hyper-Available Enterprise:


  • Stage 1, Backup: Back up all workloads and ensure they are always recoverable in the event of outages, attack, loss, or theft.
  • Stage 2, Aggregation: Ensure protection and availability of data across multi-cloud environments to drive digital services and ensure the aggregated view of service level compliance.
  • Stage 3, Visibility: Improve management of data across multi-cloud environments with clear, unified visibility and control into usage, performance issues, and operations; data management begins to evolve from reactive to proactive, preventing any loss of data availability through advanced monitoring, resource optimization, capacity planning, and built-in intelligence.
  • Stage 4, Orchestration: Seamlessly move data to the best location across multi-cloud environments to ensure business continuity, compliance, security, and optimal use of resources for business operations. This requires an orchestration engine that enables enterprises to easily and non-disruptively execute, test, and document disaster recovery (DR) plans in a highly-automated fashion.
  • Stage 5, Automation: Data becomes self-managing by learning to back itself up, migrate to ideal locations based on business needs, secure itself during anomalous activity, and recover instantaneously. This stage brings new levels of automation to enterprise data management via a combination of data analysis, pattern recognition, and machine learning. 


“As organizations digitally transform, market differentiation will increasingly focus on leveraging an application and data continuum that stretches from edge to core to cloud,” said Matt Eastwood, SVP at IDC. “With its vision for the Hyper-Available Enterprise, Veeam continues to recognize the intrinsic value that a multi-cloud environment represents and is delivering tools and technology that help customers achieve their full digital potential.”


For more information on Veeam’s vision for the Hyper-Available Enterprise and Strategy for Intelligent Data Management, please visit www.veeam.com.


Customer Quotes

“Every minute matters in a hazardous gas situation. We track the performance of approximately 200,000 gas detection instruments at 10,000 customer sites in 68 countries. Many lives depend on our systems being available every minute. Veeam helps us keep people alive.”

Doug Hathorn, Systems Engineer, Industrial Scientific


“Too many organizations wait until something goes wrong, or until a solution isn’t meeting a fundamental business need before looking for an alternative. But you can’t underplay the importance of time savings. IT is complicated enough, and I believe in simplicity. We therefore haven’t selected Veeam to save us from that one unforeseen disaster, but rather to simplify operations for our staff every single day and ensure we are delivering the uninterrupted service our customers expect.”

Neil Menezes, Vice President Enterprise Architecture at Dubai Holding


“Our business has evolved exponentially over the past few years, and we have moved to a true multi-cloud environment which, until recently, was becoming a headache to manage. Veeam has made our life so much simpler as it provides a one-stop-shop for ensuring Hyper-Availability, allowing us to get rid of inefficient legacy solutions. We don’t have to scramble trying to mix-and-match different offerings to protect workloads in different locations. With Veeam, we have total assurance under one umbrella solution.”

Mike Conjoice, Technical Lead, Bupa Dental UK


“Veeam provides total availability across our retail delivery system, which means we can deliver propane to customers faster and ensure reliable service. Veeam is key in helping us manage weather-related emergencies and serving our customers as quickly as humanly possible. In the case of a hurricane, this is critical.”

Ron Traub, Senior Operations Manager, Suburban Propane


“Veeam is the only solution we trust for data availability and data protection. Veeam adapts to any customer’s environment because it’s versatile.  These are enormous benefits for a service provider because it means we can onboard customers 50 percent faster. The faster we onboard a customer, the faster we can serve the next customer, which makes our business more agile.”

Daniël Zuthof, Solution Architect, Equinix


About Veeam Software

Veeam is the global leader in Intelligent Data Management for the Hyper-Available Enterprise. Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform is the most complete solution to help customers on the journey to automating data management and ensuring the Hyper-Availability of data. We have more than 300,000 customers worldwide, including 75 percent of the Fortune 500 and 58 percent of the Global 2000. Our customer satisfaction scores, at 3.5X the industry average, are the highest in the industry. Our global ecosystem includes 55,000 channel partners; Cisco, HPE, and NetApp as exclusive resellers; and nearly 19,000 cloud and service providers. Headquartered in Baar, Switzerland, Veeam has offices in more than 30 countries. To learn more, visit https://www.veeam.com or follow Veeam on Twitter @veeam.