18 October

Industry demand for Intelligent Data Management continues at pace

Peter McKay, Co-CEO and President

As Co-CEO and President, I am always looking ahead. How can we improve? Are we delivering the best solutions to meet customer demands? What will be ...

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18 September

Does California’s own GDPR create more problems than it answers?

Danny Allan, VP of Product Strategy

The recent introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has done a lot to tackle issues surrounding business’ exploitation of ...

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13 September

Veeam Data Incident: Update from Peter McKay

Peter McKay, Co-CEO and President

Data privacy is something that Veeam takes very seriously. Unfortunately, this week, we had an incident where one of our marketing databases was ...

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12 September

Veeam welcomes Lenovo to our growing reseller family

Carey Stanton, VP of Global Business & Corporate Development

Today, we are excited to announce that Lenovo is now an official Veeam Global Reseller Alliance Partner! Through Veeam and Lenovo, organizations ...

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