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August 7th

Overhaul of UK data protection laws is a good thing for global digital business, here’s why

Today, we saw the publication of the UK Government's Statement of Intent on its ...

Danny Allan, VP of Cloud and Alliance Strategy

August 2nd

Up, up and away to the LEADER quadrant, once again

I have a mantra in life that those who know and work with me have heard many times: ...

Peter McKay, Co-CEO and President

July 28th

Saying thank you the right way, on SysAdmin Day

Friday, July 28 is System Administrator Appreciation Day. At Veeam Software, where ...

Rick Vanover, Director of Technical Product Marketing, Guest Author

July 25th

It’s official: Veeam is the undisputed industry leader in customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is paramount to any business and Veeam is laser-focused on ...

John Metzger, VP of Global Product Marketing