22 January

Cloud Data Management Just Got a WHOLE Lot Easier!

Danny Allan, VP of Product Strategy

In every customer meeting I attend, “cloud” is mentioned within a matter of minutes. It’s the technology virtually every company is looking to ...

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17 January

Healthcare IT: Solution coexistence creates value

Jonathan Butz, Healthcare Director, Global Alliance

We are in the midst of a period of transformation in Healthcare: the transition from fee for service to fee for outcome. The net effect of this is ...

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15 January

VOTE NOW for the “Best of Show” among the Veeam Innovation Awards 2019 partners

Jason Buffington, VP, Solutions Strategy

Later this month, Veeam will be celebrating the first of two rounds of Veeam Innovation Awards (VIA’s). At Velocity 2019, our annual internal kickoff ...

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29 November

The closing speed of transformation

Dave Russell, Vice President, Enterprise Strategy

We all know that software and infrastructure don't typically go away in the data center. You very rarely decommission something and bring in all new ...

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