Backup is not a destination

Jason Buffington,
VP, Solutions Strategy


Published date: October 1, 2019

This week, we’re kicking off a five-week video blog series for the Tuesdays in October. One of the most common conversations that I have with IT leaders when they are discussing their IT modernization initiatives is, “How are you going to back that up?”

For too many of the thirty years that I have been in the IT industry, organizations have been quick to jump to the next enabling production platform only to realize afterwards that they are also moving from well‑protected to un-protected, because they didn’t modernize their protection when they were modernizing their production

That said, it would be too easy to minimize the importance of data protection. As if asking “How are you going to back that up?” was just an add-on like asking Would you like fries with that? … because most folks don’t come to a restaurant or choose their entree based on the fries.  Maybe they should?

Check out this video to learn more about fries (and other side dishes), backups, and why neither should be an afterthought.

I hope this gives you some new ideas to think about.  This is week one, so please check back for the rest of the Tuesdays in October where we’ll cover:

  1. Backup is not a destination
  2. Do you have a ‘reality gap’ in your IT strategy?
  3. Why downtime is not (just) an IT problem
  4. Why ‘cloud’ and ‘reliability’ are driving IT changes into 2020
  5. Which cloud should you use for data protection and why

As always, thanks for watching – and if Veeam or I can help you, please ping me at @JBuff.

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