Proven results – significant financial rewards and enhanced data Availability with HPE and Veeam

Veeam alliance

Carey Stanton,
VP of Global Business & Corporate Development

Published date: December 12, 2017

The HPE Discover 2017 event in EMEA was held in Madrid, Spain last week. There, HPE and their partners unveiled a multitude of solutions to help customers capitalize on business opportunities created by the booming amount of data generated by hyper-connected users, applications and devices. Additionally, we heard from HPE senior executives, industry experts and customers on just how disruptive this data deluge can be to organizations, and the need for businesses to drive successful digital transformation initiatives to remain competitive. This was also something we confirmed in our 2017 Availability Report released earlier this year, that:
  • 4 out of 5 organizations recognize they have an Availability Gap
  • There’s a gap in an organization’s ability to deliver the application and information in the manner that users demand
  • 3 out of 4 organizations have a Protection Gap; their tolerance for lost data is exceeded by IT’s inability to protect that data frequently enough
Most of the time, this is as a result of using legacy data protection tools. And in the words of Jennifer Marinaro, Senior Director, Global Strategy and Communications at HPE: “Don’t let your legacy IT slow down your innovation: optimize it, extract value from it.” To achieve this, HPE and Veeam have partnered to provide advanced data Availability for HPE’s entire storage portfolio. These solutions offer seamless integration and Availability that reach beyond the data center, enabling recovery of any IT service and related applications, regardless of location. Furthermore, HPE and Veeam’s industry-leading solutions are fully equipped to combat malicious attacks (like ransomware) and protect your company’s valued data. In addition, a recent study conducted by IDC* on customers running on HPE and protected by Veeam software, found customers added benefits such as increased data Availability, streamlined IT operations, reduced data-loss risk and significant financial rewards. See the snapshot below to learn about the business values that study participants gained:  
To get more insights, download the IDC* white paper The Business Value of High-Availability Storage Environments from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Veeam Software. Are you an HPE and Veeam customer or partner? Don’t hesitate to share on Twitter some benefits you’ve gained by using HPE and Veeam solutions to enhance data Availability. * The study was conducted by IDC and sponsored by HPE and Veeam Software

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