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When a restore is performed on a PC which is connected to a cloud storage, issues are possible after synchronization with the cloud. Some files or folders may be reverted to an outdated state, moved to Junk or missing.


Due to One Drive logic, issues with One Drive are possible in any configurations.

Issues with Google Drive and Dropbox are possible if during backup, Google Drive and Dropbox folders were excluded.



Firstly, we do not recommend to exclude Google Drive and Dropbox folders during backup.

Secondly, the following manual workaround should ensure the consistency of your data.

Before you start a restore, download the data from your cloud drive to a local storage not involved in restore.
2. Disable Internet connection on the PC on the hardware level (unplug network cable, turn off Wi-Fi switch, turn off Wi-Fi router, unplug modem, unplug SIM from built-in modem, etc).
3. Perform restore as intended.
4. Manually replace the files in 
One Drive, Google Drive and Dropbox folders with the files you downloaded at step 1.
5. Enable Internet connection.

More Information

Interaction with other cloud drives has not been tested, so it is strongly recommended to use the workaround mentioned above to ensure the data consistency.

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