All credentials and backup encryption keys become invalid if Veeam Backup and Replication moved to another machine

Veeam Backup & Replication
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All credentials and backup encryption keys may become unusable after manual migration of Veeam Backup and Replication server to another machine.
Manual migration imply two scenarios: 

  1. Manual migration of Veeam B&R database and further Veeam B&R software installation on top.
  2. ​Migration of Veeam B&R software only and subsequent switch to remote existing Veeam B&R database.
Note: you will get “This configuration database is in use” warning while going through installation wizard.


All sensitive information, such as user credentials and encryption keys are stored in the configuration database are encrypted with machine-specific private key of backup server. Accordingly, a newly installed backup server will not be able to decrypt such information if attached to the existing database.


  • We recommend to use Veeam configuration backup in order to migrate Veeam server.
  • If a configuration backup is not available you will need to resupply all encrypted information stored in VeeamBackup database manually:
    • Use "Manage Credentials" option to re-enter all passwords
    • All encrypted backup sets need to be removed from configuration and re-imported afterwards
    • If you are using Enterprise Manager please contact Veeam technical support to remove crypto-info about EM master key from VeeamBackup database
  • There is no need to resupply credential data if the Veeam server is restored from image backup or if operating system and Veeam software are reinstalled on the same machine.

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