Veeam Service Provider Console v4 Patch 1 (build 4911)

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Veeam Service Provider Console v4 Patch 1.
This patch is superseded by the Patch 2


Please confirm you are running version before installing this Patch 1. You can check this under Windows > Programs and features. After upgrading, your build will be version

As a result of ongoing R&D effort and in response to customer feedback, this Patch 1 includes a set of bug fixes, the most significant of which are listed below:

What’s New:

  • Alarm for detecting unsupported Veeam Backup & Replication server configurations.



Usage Reporting

  • Usage reporting data for Veeam Backup & Replication servers v9.5 U4 located in time zones with more than 8 hours difference is now included in the report with the auto-approve function. 

Backup reporting

  • Reports generation performance has been improved. 


  • “Management agent connection” alarm is not triggered when a Cloud Connect server is rebooted. 

Management Agent

  • Authentication between management agents and Veeam Service Provider Console has been improved. 

RESTful APIs v3

  • Date format in "/licensing/reports/" GET request has been changed to “yyyy-MM”.  
  • Report generation parameters have been simplified for licensing/reports/ methods: report interval is used instead of report generation date.

Resolved issues:

  • "Protected computers" and "Protected VMs" widgets in the Overview tab do not account for the default RPO period of 30 days.  
  • Filtering by company/reseller name does not work on the Failover Plans tab. 
  • When using “Select All” checkbox on the Backup Jobs -> Computers tab, job actions are applied to all managed Agents regardless of selected filters. 
  • Under certain conditions, the "Unrecognized Guid format" error message is displayed on the Companies tab.
  • Under certain conditions, “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error message is displayed on the Backup Jobs tab. 
  • Under certain conditions, the Veeam Service Provider Console service fails to start. 
Usage Reporting 
  • If a company is removed from the configuration, error message “Usage data for sites <Site name> was not included in this report due to a data collection failure. Please collect usage details and report correct numbers manually in order to stay compliant with licensing rules.” is displayed in the usage report. 
  • Usage Report generation fails if there are several Veeam Backup & Replication servers with the same installation ID. 
  • Usage Report shows incorrect data if there are several Veeam Backup & Replication servers with the same database instance ID. 
  • Usage Report always shows “Standard” license edition when using Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager.
  • “Immediate backup copy job state” alarm is triggered for deleted VMs.
  • “Workstation/Server agent backups stored in cloud repository” alarms may be triggered incorrectly. Veeam Backup & Replication v10 CP2 installation is required.
Billing and Invoicing
  • Manually created invoices are sent to managed companies automatically, even if scheduling is disabled. 
RESTful APIs v2
  • Under certain conditions, /v2/backupRepositories get method returns incorrect "freeSpace" data.
  • /v2/backupRepositories get method can take a considerable amount of time for execution.
  • /v2/failoverPlans get method fails with “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error message.
  • /v2/tenants/id/backupServers now returns GUID information for Veeam Backup Enteprise Manager in the query.
RESTful APIs v3
  • Limit/offset parameters are not working correctly for /protectedWorkloads/virtualMachines get request.
Windows Event Log
  • Description for retention and database clean-up events is missing.
ConnectWise Manage Plugin
  • When using Custom Fields in ConnectWise Manage, billing synchronization fails with “Addition object is invalid” error message. 
ConnectWise Automate Plugin 
  • Under certain conditions, ConnectWise Automate plugin status is switching from  “Healthy” to “Error” state.


To install the Patch 1: 

  1. Back up the VSPC database.
  2. Execute VSPC.ApplicationServer.x64_4.0.0.4911.msp as administrator on the VSPC server, or run this cmdlet as administrator:
    msiexec /update c:\VSPC.ApplicationServer.x64_4.0.0.4911.msp /l*v C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Setup\Temp\VSPCApplicationServerSetup.txt
  3. Execute VSPC.WebUI.x64_4.0.0.4911.msp as administrator on the VSPC UI (IIS) server, or run this cmdlet as administrator:
    msiexec /update c:\VSPC.WebUI.x64_4.0.0.4911.msp /l*v C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Setup\Temp\VSPCWebUI.txt
  4. Execute VSPC.ConnectorService.x64_4.0.0.4911.msp  as administrator on the VSPC server, or run this cmdlet as administrator:
    msiexec /update c:\VSPC.ConnectorService.x64_4.0.0.4911.msp /l*v C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Setup\Temp\ConnectorService.txt

More Information

MD5: bc50a180185905bb806129c57aa7a47f
SHA-1: b25e6adc54661def0f31db4a150032f75dfdae70

Please be aware that we’re making changes which will restrict access to product updates for users without an active contract.


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