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Native tape support

  • Leverage your current hardware investment
  • Direct backup to and restore from tape
  • Improve backup times when using tape
  • Native GFS retention management

Efficient and effective archiving

Veeam® hasn't ignored the fact that tape backup systems remain a necessity for many organizations due to significant investments in both hardware and media. Further, due to the recent increase in external threats, tape continues to prove that offline (air-gapped) storage is a resilient and reliable solution for protecting data and maintaining effective backups against threats such as ransomware, as well as serving as an effective means for meeting compliance regulations. In many cases, tape is also the only viable option for long-term archival and off-site storage for large data sets. This is why Veeam offers reliable tape backup solutions to help you meet your tape backup needs.
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Flexible long-term retention

Veeam provides native tape support for automated tape libraries (including VTL) and standalone tape drives, including support for NDMP v4 and WORM. Veeam includes advanced tape functionality for enterprises, including parallel processing, native Grandfather-Father-Son (GFS) retention, Global Media Pool and more, to provide added flexibility, easier management and advanced archiving options to meet your data retention needs. With Veeam’s tape support, users can:

  • Backup and restore entire volumes to NDMP v4NEW
  • Write in WORM format to a media poolNEW
  • Efficiently archive multiple backup files to tape at once using the same media pool
  • Reduce tape consumption but maintain long retention policies with a dedicated media pool for archiving full backups with a GFS retention policy
  • Automatically copy backup files produced by Veeam backup jobs, or regular files from servers and shares using Backup to Tape and File to Tape jobs with easy-to-use scheduling
  • Select multiple files or folders simultaneously to get your data to tape even faster with less effort
  • Track VMs and restore points across tapes and media vaults, making restores simple
Veeam brings you convenient options for backup to tape and file to tape jobs. Veeam brings you convenient options for backup to tape and file to tape jobs

Direct restore from tape

Normally, if you need to restore files from tape, you first need to restore the VM backup from tape to the Veeam repository for staging. Now VM restores move directly from tape to the primary VM environment, saving time and reducing the need for intermediary storage.

Parallel processing

With new parallel processing functionality, you can improve data archiving performance and reduce complexity. Parallel processing allows you to archive multiple backup files to tape simultaneously by spreading them between multiple drives, even when Backup to Tape jobs are targeting the same media pool. Veeam’s advanced parallel processing functionality also includes built-in logic that allows for active/passive devices and even parallel processing on GFS media pools to enable a device to receive backups to tape if the targeted library is offline or lacks available media.

Global Media Pool

Global Media Pool is a quick and easy way to organize all tape libraries in one logical group, allowing for highly concurrent tape archiving and automatic failover from non-operation libraries. It also provides the flexibility to assign as many tape libraries as needed to a single media pool spanning multiple devices. Now, it's possible to:

  • Keep tapes loaded in separate libraries in one media pool
  • Automatically and transparently failover tape jobs to another library when some libraries run out of free media or available tape drives, or become non-operational

Native GFS retention – Tape management made easy!

With Veeam, you can eliminate the manual work associated with long-term tape retention, making it easier to meet all your data retention needs with a single dedicated GFS media pool for full backups. This pool type includes daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly media sets.

Media vaults

Media vaults help you virtually organize, track, group and view information about your offline tape repositories. With media vaults you can:

  • Easily track the physical location of each offline tape
  • Group off-line tapes by certain criteria, such as retention periods
  • Manually or automatically move tapes to a predefined vault once they go offline

Virtual full backup tape out

Forever-incremental backup modes provided by Veeam Backup & Replication are not well-suited for tape out, because they do not have periodic full backups. Veeam helps you streamline the backup process and shrink the number of tapes required to perform tape out from such source backup file chains by scheduling a periodic virtual full backup that automatically compiles the individual parts of the incremental backup chain into a virtual full backup file for tape out. And, because the virtual full backup file is compiled on the fly by a Backup to Tape job, you do not need extra disk space in your backup repository as a staging area! Schedule a virtual full backup and Veeam Backup & Replication will synthesize the full backup file on the fly and write it to tape.

Copying backups to tape

Efficient and effective archiving
With Veeam, you can copy both backup files produced by specific jobs, as well as the entire backup repositories to tape. And, to dramatically simplify D2D2T backup architecture, Backup to Tape job scheduling can be integrated with the source backup jobs, so that when a VM backup job completes — the produced backup files are automatically and immediately copied to tape.