NA ProPartner Briefing: NEW Veeam Universal License

Speaker: Kevin Rooney, Chris Spencer, Jennifer Robinson, Jon DeFusco, Andrea Estevez
Published : September, 2019
NA ProPartner Briefing: NEW Veeam Universal License

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Veeam® Universal License launches Oct. 1

At Veeam, we know that licensing flexibility and simplicity are your top priorities. So, we’re simplifying Veeam Instance Licensing (VIL) to make selling Veeam easier and even more portable.

Effective Oct. 1, 2019, VIL will become Veeam Universal License (VUL). All subscription licenses for Veeam Backup & Replication™, Veeam Backup Essentials™ and Veeam Availability Suite™ as well as Veeam Agents will be sold as a single, full‑featured “universal” version – with Enterprise Plus edition capability! Ready to accelerate your business with Veeam Universal License?

Join this briefing to learn about these key benefits of Veeam Universal License – and more!

  • Single edition for maximum portability
  • Simplified weighting — one workload, one license
  • More merge options for more flexibility
  • Up to 33% lower price

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