What Backup type do you need?

Published : July, 2019
What Backup type do you need?
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Veeam provides solutions for different types of backup.

Before you implement your backup plan, it's important to determine which level of backup you want to achieve image-level, volume-level or file-level.

These types of backup are covered by Veeam products as follows:

Veeam Backup & Replication for image-level backup.

  • Image-level backup is a backup type either for a computer or a VM, that creates a copy for the OS and all other apps and files on that Virtual Machine.

Veeam Agents for Windows, Linux, IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris for volume-level or file-level backup.

  • Volume-level backup is a type of data backup for any workload and it will capture the whole data volume on that workload.
  • File-level backup protects only data of individual directories and files on the computer.


Watch this video to learn the differences between these backup types and where to configure them in the software.

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