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Veeam: #1 Availability for VMware

Intelligent Data Management for VMware Software-Defined Data Center solutions

Sanjay Poonen, Chief Operating Officer of VMware, discusses why VMware + Veeam are Better Together

As the global leader in Intelligent Data Management, Veeam® ensures your data is always available, protected and actively working for your business. Veeam ensures data is Hyper-Available — meaning regardless of where your data resides, it’s available for the digital services you need.

VMware offers the best performance, Availability and efficiency for customer infrastructure and applications. Combining Veeam and VMware provides the only Intelligent Data Management and Hyper-Availability solution designed to enable enterprises of all sizes the ability to unlock value for their business. It’s the ideal foundation to deliver Hyper-Availability for today’s enterprises.

Veeam is a strong VMware ecosystem partner and the only VMware Global Strategic Technology Partner focused on backup, Availability and Intelligent Data Management.

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Working together to guarantee workload Availability for VMware

Veeam + VMware enable the Hyper-Available Enterprise
  • vSphere virtualization
  • vSAN
  • VMware Cloud

Intelligent Data Management for vSphere virtualization

Veeam solutions ensure business continuity, reduce risk and accelerate innovation. Veeam Backup & Replication™ provides an easy-to-use, reliable and agnostic solution for virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads.

Veeam Backup & Replication provides full support of VMware vSphere 6.7, including an HTML 5-based client, Cross-vCenter Mixed Version Provisioning, support for 4K native storage, vSAN, VMFS6, VVols, Storage Policy-Based Management (SPBM) and more.

Integrated management and control

VMware vSphere provides the most trusted virtualization platform — empowering you to virtualize scale-up and scale-out applications with confidence, redefine Availability and simplify the virtual data center.

Upgrading to VMware vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM) provides insight and predictive analysis for your VMware infrastructure. It takes vCenter Server monitoring capabilities further by proactively identifying and remediating emerging performance issues, optimizing resource utilization through a unified console.

Intelligent Data Management for vSAN

Veeam and VMware vSAN create a hyper-converged, flash-optimized storage architecture where performance and capacity can be scaled to maintain the Availability requirements facing today’s enterprises.

A hyper-converged infrastructure without risk

VMware provides a unique, software-defined approach to hyper convergence, leveraging the hypervisor to deliver compute, storage and management in a tightly integrated software stack. An HCI-powered vSAN solution consists of:

  • VMware vSphere: the industry-leading virtualization platform that provides server virtualization
  • VMware vSAN: the only vSphere-embedded storage solution that delivers flash-optimized, high-performance, hyper-converged storage for virtual machines
  • VMware vCenter Server: the unified and extensible management solution for vSphere environments 
A VMware-powered hyper-converged infrastructure enables you to:

Evolve without risk

  • Extend vSphere to storage
  • Deploy native HCI encryption
  • Protect existing investments 

Reduce TCO

  • Use affordable, standard x86 servers
  • Eliminate tedious storage operations 
  • Accelerate overall IT responsiveness

Scale to tomorrow 

  • Use cutting-edge hardware technologies 
  • Prepare for any application or container 
  • Extend the environment to VMware Cloud on AWS
Veeam was one of the first backup and data protection providers certified as VMware Ready for vSAN

Intelligent Data Management for the VMware Cloud Foundation

VMware Cloud Foundation makes it easy to deploy and run a hybrid cloud by providing integrated cloud infrastructure (compute, storage, networking and security) and cloud management services to run enterprise applications in both private and public environments.

Veeam delivers Availability across hybrid and multi-cloud environments by providing streamlined backup, recovery and replication for data center and cloud workloads. Veeam solutions for VMware Cloud platforms include support for VMware vCloud Director, VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud and Veeam Availability Suite™ support of VMware Cloud on AWS.

Veeam and VMware Cloud on AWS

The Hyper-Growth of data and compliance requirements require longer-term data retention – driving the need for scalable, lower-cost data storage solutions. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a robust cloud platform for customers to create and deploy business applications without the financial burdens and time commitments of building and maintaining their own infrastructure. But regardless of the platform — in the cloud or on premises — your applications and data are your responsibility.

VMware Cloud on AWS is an on-demand service that enables you to run applications across vSphere-based cloud environments with access to a broad range of AWS services. Powered by VMware Cloud Foundation, this service integrates vSphere, vSAN and NSX, along with VMware vCenter management, and is optimized to run on dedicated, elastic, bare-metal AWS infrastructures. With this service, IT teams can manage their cloud-based resources with familiar VMware tools.

Veeam offers customers leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS the ability to deploy the same proven solutions simply, efficiently and seamlessly — protecting workloads across all clouds while allowing customers the ability to leverage their existing investments in VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) technologies.

Veeam enables you to use VMware Cloud on AWS as a disaster recovery site and to back up or replicate workloads to and from the Amazon Cloud. Veeam Availability Suite provides a host of options for VMware Cloud on AWS customers to ensure Availability across all cloud environments, allowing you to: 
  • Deploy a flexible, integrated and secure infrastructure that seamlessly extends to hybrid cloud environments while maintaining the ability to restore entire VMs, individual files and application items in minutes
  • Perform self-service backups out of VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Replicate VMware Cloud on AWS workloads to and from VMware-based data centers
  • Leverage built-in deduplication, compression and WAN acceleration to reduce storage and bandwidth consumption, resulting in faster ROI
  • Integrate log management and monitoring 
  • Deploy cross-cloud data management for multi-cloud environments

VMware Cloud on AWS customers deploying Veeam Availability Suite to protect their AWS workloads can: 

  • Accelerate the adoption of hybrid-cloud implementations
  • Leverage existing investments in VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) technologies
  • Reduce cost, increase efficiency and create operational consistency across cloud environments
  • Achieve 24.7.365 Availability for any service, across any platform

NEW Veeam Direct Restore to AWS

Veeam Direct Restore to AWS provides a simple, highly secure means to optimize resource allocation, and gain new portability and recovery options to AWS. Included with Veeam Availability Suite, Direct Restore to AWS saves users time and resources by restoring ANY on-premises Veeam-powered backups directly to AWS in only two steps. Additionally, users can:

  • Easily execute planned workload portability
  • Enable cloud-based testing environments for VMware, Hyper-V VMs and Microsoft Windows physical servers
  • Seamlessly move Microsoft Windows workstations to AWS with built-in UEFI-to-BIOS conversion, making it possible to restore Windows workstations to AWS without additional conversions

Veeam offers a 30-day FREE trial
with access to all Veeam capabilities
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Veeam offers a 30-day FREE trial with access
to all Veeam capabilities for IT professionals

Start your trial and see how Veeam works